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Can religion be a science?

You be with me if I say, the human mind does not understand beyond the borders of the known universe?. then, this universe is expanding, this expansion implies that there is another universe including the first, but this is not affordable by humans, exactly by his spirit, and this system is connected in all, the first up to N universe, this relationship is a general law, we can not understand that relations with the spirit human (It is not affordable). Then, we can not know the best way of life that if you have a religion. this religion (science), it must come from one side of all founder, then in this way, this is a science and religion at the same time. religion, because it requires belief. and a science, because it is in the general equation of the reality of all the "universes". thank you :).

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  • Jul 4 2012: I would question you the other way around: "Can science be a religion?"

    Religion and science are completely opposite way of looking to the world. One says, what you see is what you get, cause and consequence, logic, empirical studies and proofing. While the other today, pretty much looks like a fairy tale.

    Yes, there is a huge amount of questions for with science has and will possibly never have a reasonable explanation. And religion appears here, an explanation for the unknown, comfort for men, eternal life and so on.

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