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What is your idea of paradise?

Is it heaven for you? Is it a serene beach with white shores? A meadow with long grass blowing in the breeze?

I'm interested to know how people view their most tranquil place.

This could your idea of heaven, or a place you go to in times of need and stress to relax yourself. Or have you even found your paradise with a loved one or is yours a reality in any shape or form?

Would you like to make it a reality and share it with the world?

What do you imagine?

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    Jun 27 2012: Looking into my children's eyes.
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      Jun 29 2012: That literally warmed my heart! Not an easy thing to do. Kudos!
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      Jul 4 2012: Wow Fritzie, how wonderful.
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    Jun 29 2012: This is a good question, Rob and today, my paradise would look like this:

    A small clearance within an ancient wood at sunrise. Fresh moss and soft grass and its faint smell was all over the place. There, sitting with friends in a small wooden pavillion and having a good conversation and a delicious breakfast would be a place I'd call paradise...
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    Jun 29 2012: Hi Rob,
    My most tranquil place, is the space I occupy on this earth, starting with the gardens mother nature and I surrround ourselves with, which are shared with many people:>)
    http://smugdud.smugmug.com/Quintessential%20Vermont )

    I am here...now...on this earth, and I do all in my power to create a "heaven" for myself and all those I interact with. The gardens represent my perception of a tranquil paradise, because it did not happen without attention, awareness, concern, and lots of energy and love. I do not believe that paradise is simply given to us. I believe we have a responsibility to contribute to the creation of a paradise. We can accept and enjoy that responsibility...or not...in every moment:>)
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    Jun 29 2012: Beach with white shores or long grass blowing in the breeze of your example are definitely great places but those also can be turned into hell......we have that capability.......

    Irrespective of place it's at our hand where we will build that fairyland....
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    Sue Hu

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    Jun 29 2012: Somewhere with sea, white beach, so many delicious foods, a really comfortable bed, the ones who I love, a warm and beautiful room. The most important, there is no pressure. Everyone have enough freedom and legal rights.
  • Jun 28 2012: Earth is actually a very good start, but lets get rid of violence, illness and poverty.
    • Jun 29 2012: I'm glad someone said this, as I imagine most of our depictions of a paradise are based on some image of the Earth, so why would we want to be anywhere else?
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    Jun 30 2012: Paradise is a good state of mind, loving, balanced, harmonious and connected.
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    Jun 29 2012: My paradise I have yet to find but I would assume it is in the woods with my future wife camping out in the wilderness next to a lake. Just talking. Nothing fancy, nothing about work or stressors, although they may come up they don't stick too long. Just being in her presence looking out on the lake reminiscing. Until the star ascend above us. I literally can't think of a more perfect place on earth.
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    Jul 4 2012: A sulphur pool in a rain forest valley in Dominique where I was once fortunate enough to spend part of an afternoon soaking, scrubbing with volcanic mud. and chatting with a new friend and an old one while watching a leaf fall from the tree top canopy which felt as though it were a million miles up.