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What changed your country the most? What and which reform?

In Afghanistan, a lot of efforts and money are being spent to develop physical and virtual structures. Unfortunately, the result is not satisfactory due insufficient skills the reformer have in public sector, or that idea for reform was not feasible or viable.
What changed your country the most? What and which reform?
In your opinion, what criteria should a reformer have? If they don’t, how we build them? How would you reform the reformers?

An idea or tip of you which impacted well in your country would help me for reconstruction of Afghanistan.
Thanking you in advance


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    Jun 27 2012: Two TED talks come to mind, I would love to hear your opinion on this one about Afghanistan:


    Contrary to what Sudhakar is saying it is more important to invest in education (which will change the culture over time) , it is impossible to overstate the importance of literacy or the ability to communicate (and is surprisingly a problem in the U.S.), and the people as per this talk:

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      Jun 27 2012: ya i agree with you that the basic building block of any system is the education, i have gone beyond that topic..
    • Jun 30 2012: Dear Pat, thank you.

      If you have info on that, is there a particular program which worked well for education and literatcy?

      Thank you
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        Jun 30 2012: The answer to that is above my pay grade. Anything is better than nothing? But in my opinion literacy is the most important part of education in other words can you communicate. This is even a problem here in the U.S. where people graduate high school who cannot really communicate. At the core of this is a poor vocabulary and a poor understanding of grammar. Which is stated by Yasheng Huang in the other video I linked.

        I would love to hear your views on the Rory Stewart video.

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