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Wealth and power have been our conventional measures of success. What definition will better sustain us now and how can we move into it?

The other day, my mother mentioned that she hasn't accomplished anything in her life. (She's a forest and machine engineer who hasn't found a suitable job since immigrating from the Soviet Union 20 years ago) It broke my heart to hear this. We live in a world that makes people value themselves more and more singularly by their career highs and financial prowess.

The conventional model of success has proven to be destructive, separating and pitting us against each other in competition.

What would be a better definition of accomplishment for us and how could we collectively shift toward embracing this?


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    Jun 6 2011: Anita: First let me say that your mother is not a failure. she brought into this world and raised you with enough sense to ask this question of yourself, and indeed to the world. so you tell her kudos from me. next I am not sure if we can change from a capitlistic wealth driven society. at least I don't see it happening in the near future. What we can do is try to correct some of the things that is wrong with our current system of wealth and power. I have read most of the comments on here from individuals such as James Walker, Andrea Walstrom, etc. some of the things they discussed like Henry Ford, Edison, and the Industrial revolution, are only tangents in the bigger picture of a society moving forward and evolving. We humans are so immature in the big scheme of things. I think for the moment if we just put some guidelines on what we can and cannot do to measure success we will do just fine. some of those guidelines that should be put into place are education for everyone who wants it. stop teaching to the slowest person in our class rooms. All the wealth should not be allowed to pile up at one end of the spectrum (what does 1 person need with a 100 billion dollars?) that's hoarding! My mother used to make these amazing cinnamon rolls when i was a child. I always wanted to eat them all at once. but she said if I did that then I would make myself sick, and she was right. to much of anything is bad for you, even if it's good. the same can be said for business and capitalism. A little goes a long way. and rampant runaway capitalism makes our society sick. It becomes a cancer that feeds on itself with greed and coruption running rampant. starving the base of society till it all comes tumbling to the ground. For those at the top with all the money if you would just give some of that largess to causes that further human education, and ease the suffering of those that no longer have, you too will be a success at being a human being.

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