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Wealth and power have been our conventional measures of success. What definition will better sustain us now and how can we move into it?

The other day, my mother mentioned that she hasn't accomplished anything in her life. (She's a forest and machine engineer who hasn't found a suitable job since immigrating from the Soviet Union 20 years ago) It broke my heart to hear this. We live in a world that makes people value themselves more and more singularly by their career highs and financial prowess.

The conventional model of success has proven to be destructive, separating and pitting us against each other in competition.

What would be a better definition of accomplishment for us and how could we collectively shift toward embracing this?


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    Apr 21 2011: Well your mom birthed a beautiful and intelligent girl which in itself is an accomplishment. She raised you, migrated to find a better life, all of this takes strength and ambition. We as humans are victims of being defined by our upper class counterparts. They set the standards and have the media influence to play on our minds and hearts. Success means you've accomplished your hearts desire. Money is not a measure of success. If thats the point then I know successful people who are selling harmful drugs and destroying my community. How successful is that when you think about it from a humane point. SUccess is playing a role in the survival and evolution forward of humankind, how ever great of minute your contribution, if you have helped you are a success.
    • Apr 22 2011: I agree. I think it is normal to question our own achievements or lack of at times. This more likely happens when we are feeling low because our perspective can change a lot with our moods. In situations where I have had a close ones have this self doubt I find if you point out their real achievements and abilities it can make them feel a lot better. We are all insecure after all.

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