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Wealth and power have been our conventional measures of success. What definition will better sustain us now and how can we move into it?

The other day, my mother mentioned that she hasn't accomplished anything in her life. (She's a forest and machine engineer who hasn't found a suitable job since immigrating from the Soviet Union 20 years ago) It broke my heart to hear this. We live in a world that makes people value themselves more and more singularly by their career highs and financial prowess.

The conventional model of success has proven to be destructive, separating and pitting us against each other in competition.

What would be a better definition of accomplishment for us and how could we collectively shift toward embracing this?


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    Apr 20 2011: We could measure achievement in terms of what we have done for others, without neglecting ourselves;
    take pride in spreading happiness, honesty, being generous with those who need it, inspiring others, assisting in efforts towards sustainability, bringing up our children with love, anything which leaves the world a little better off.

    To take pride in material wealth ignores the fact that it is at the expence of others, for example, in thier ecological footprint, for all people to consume as does the typical Australian we would need 5 Earths. Big houses and cars, etc. result in more global warming and other environmental degradation. Usually the means of aquiring that wealth is also unsustainable and increases the gap between rich and poor.

    Also, I agree that personal development, especially in overcoming obstacles which can be defeating or damaging to your personal development, is a measure of success. Someone who has endured much cruelty (especially if as a child) is damaged, yet many such victims become kind, caring individuals, that is an achievement.
    Achievement must take into account anything which gets in the way of its fulfillment.

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