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New Zealand legalizing same sex marriage, and gay adoption.

Hey, I found out recently that my country, New Zealand, doesn't allow gay people to marry! I seriously thought that it was, but now I am disappointed and ashamed of my country. I am proud to be a New Zealander, proud to say that I belong to a modern, forward thinking nation (of course, I am very aware that New Zealand is very far from perfect, but allow me my patriotism) - like I am proud to say that I am Christian. I am straight, but I see the unimaginable pain that homophobic attitudes cause and I completely, 100% support gay marriage and adoption. Maybe I was naieve to assume that my fellow kiwi's felt the same way. We were the first country to give women the vote - why can't we be so proactive in our support for gay people? Surely the contribution that they have made to society and the stigma they have endured must be recognized: I want gay marriage and adoption legalized! Hey, NZ (and other teens) who's with me?
By the way - on gay adoption - gay parents have been proven to be just as capable - or incapable - of bringing up kids as straights. If you are worrying about the kids psychological welfare, the only harm that I can see coming in that respect is from the outside society: and if so, shouldn't we be working to change society, not limit the rights of our brothers and sisters?


Closing Statement from Geileis O'Kelly

Ok, hey, so because I didn't reply to you guys in time, I'm going to do so now. :)
Random chance 10+ - you go, dude. :)
Hey Steve Burgess? I know, and yeah, I've noticed that there is more of a phobia against guys for some reason, but it is improving. I mean, I was in Religious Educationt the other day - first I heard the populars celebrating that gay marriage might be made legal - !! - then I heard my teacher - for Religious education - agree with them, and say that she didn't knwo anyone who didn't. So, there's definitely hope. :) Despite one girl I had an argument with a a few days ago on the topic. grrr....anyways. Thank you for that! That's sweet. :) I'm not alone. Far from it.
Debra Smith - Isn't that what I was saying? i'm ashamed because we're not there yet. :)

Anyway, it is good to know that other New zealanders share my opinion, and that there are laws going through. John D, you're awesome. Thank you guys for all your contributions. I wish I could make the time longer. :)

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  • Jun 29 2012: We have civil unions for both same-sex and hetero couples but only marriage for hetero couples at present. There are bills being drafted right now by both the Labour and National parties to change the marriage and adoption laws. :)
    • Jul 1 2012: I know. If I was lesbian, though, it would be nice to be able to put a proper ring on my partner's finger and say 'oh yeah, we're married', instead of just, 'oh yeah, we're in a civil union.' you know? It's what we're all brought up to want, to dream about - that proposal - and I don't think it's fair that somedon't get the full, legal fulfillment of that dream, don't you?

      I know, I heard about those!!! And the poll results - that was nice to read, eh. :)

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