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New Zealand legalizing same sex marriage, and gay adoption.

Hey, I found out recently that my country, New Zealand, doesn't allow gay people to marry! I seriously thought that it was, but now I am disappointed and ashamed of my country. I am proud to be a New Zealander, proud to say that I belong to a modern, forward thinking nation (of course, I am very aware that New Zealand is very far from perfect, but allow me my patriotism) - like I am proud to say that I am Christian. I am straight, but I see the unimaginable pain that homophobic attitudes cause and I completely, 100% support gay marriage and adoption. Maybe I was naieve to assume that my fellow kiwi's felt the same way. We were the first country to give women the vote - why can't we be so proactive in our support for gay people? Surely the contribution that they have made to society and the stigma they have endured must be recognized: I want gay marriage and adoption legalized! Hey, NZ (and other teens) who's with me?
By the way - on gay adoption - gay parents have been proven to be just as capable - or incapable - of bringing up kids as straights. If you are worrying about the kids psychological welfare, the only harm that I can see coming in that respect is from the outside society: and if so, shouldn't we be working to change society, not limit the rights of our brothers and sisters?


Closing Statement from Geileis O'Kelly

Ok, hey, so because I didn't reply to you guys in time, I'm going to do so now. :)
Random chance 10+ - you go, dude. :)
Hey Steve Burgess? I know, and yeah, I've noticed that there is more of a phobia against guys for some reason, but it is improving. I mean, I was in Religious Educationt the other day - first I heard the populars celebrating that gay marriage might be made legal - !! - then I heard my teacher - for Religious education - agree with them, and say that she didn't knwo anyone who didn't. So, there's definitely hope. :) Despite one girl I had an argument with a a few days ago on the topic. grrr....anyways. Thank you for that! That's sweet. :) I'm not alone. Far from it.
Debra Smith - Isn't that what I was saying? i'm ashamed because we're not there yet. :)

Anyway, it is good to know that other New zealanders share my opinion, and that there are laws going through. John D, you're awesome. Thank you guys for all your contributions. I wish I could make the time longer. :)

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    Jun 27 2012: NZ isn't the only country, the UK, USA and most of Europe is in the same boat but it looks like it's all about to change :)
    • Jul 1 2012: That's true - I certainly hope it'll change, anyway! ^^

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