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What does it take to become an educational entrepreneur?

In the rapidly changing world of education, it is important (as I've recently heard a wise man say) not to think outside the box, but to create a whole new box. How do we encourage (or even perhaps teach) recent high school or college graduates to become the kinds of educational entrepreneurs we need to bring our students the education they truly deserve?


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    Jun 27 2012: Keep the learner at the centre of importance.

    Focus on skills and attitudes for aptitude and content and knowledge for interest and motivation.

    Constantly reflect and revise.
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      Jun 27 2012: Thanks for the reminders, Scott. My mentor once told me that there are three things an educator can concentrate on: the content, the students, and himself. Of course, we need to focus on all 3 at various points to do our jobs effectively. He told me, though, that if I remembered to start with the student first, I won't fail. I can look back over my career and every time I failed was when I lost sight of that. Although we're really coming into new territory here, we can't forget this fundamental truth.

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