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Is the world on the atomic scale as small as the universe is big?

We can not imagine how big the universe, only creating more and more powerful telescopes to probe further into the distance but never into the boundary.If then it is so easy to imagine that the universe is so unimaginably big then could we not imagine the world of atoms to be unimaginably small. An infinite space of secrets and discoveries?

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    R H

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    Jun 27 2012: Then, is there 'size'? Some have said there is no 'time'. There is no before or to come. Only an eternal simultaneous. That the universe was created 'billions of years ago' may be a relative assessment. So could it be for 'size' also? Is this another measurement that merely helps us to order our universe? Practically speaking, one thing is bigger than another. I grow 'older'. But that's our perception. Scientists and engineers and day-to-day living require this reality. Could it be though, that everything is just 'always', and just 'is'? Could we be living in an eternal 'now', and infinite 'existence'? Do fish and insects know 'huge' and 'infinitesimal'? They've been around alot 'longer' than we have. :)
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    Jun 30 2012: Size is relative compared to the human body but no real thing. If everything and all distances halved at one moment no one will notice even if it happens many times over.
    What is real is the ratio and relation between any part that appears as our universe.
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    Jun 27 2012: Well, maybe it is and maybe there comes a point were size does not apply anymore in both directions. So if we go further inwards 'we' already found quarks, which may consist out of strings, which may consist out of ...

    It seems to stay quite confusing either way ... ;o)