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What is the future of entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurs both in a business and social context are so key to building our future. The question is what helps us find, develop and support great entrepreneurs?

Will great entrepreneurs just naturally rise to the top? Is it therefore survival of the fittest or should we be looking to nurture entrepreneurs and enable them? If so how?

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  • Jun 26 2012: Thanks Pat,
    I have watched Shark Tank and I know what you mean about the signals it sends. Thank goodness it's not reality - just reality TV!

    I agree lowering the barriers to starting up is an important part. Another question is what to do to nurture the startups beyond that point.

    Also do the barriers in some way cause the natural selection of the best or are they just plain restrictive?
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      Jun 27 2012: I think that entrepreneurship is organic to human beings so it is not a matter of nurturing it is a matter of removing the stops to what man naturally does.

      Hard to answer your last question but I have heard it many times that business owners say they could not do today what they did in the past to get where they got. Home Depot being one example.

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