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can we reform the discussion surrounding gender inequality?

As of late, the gender discussion seems to dominate the mainstream discussion on social justice. The alarming trend that I have noticed is that it has become a real battle of the sexes where one side accuses the other of causing its demise, which means any progress for one gender is seen as a loss for the other. I am proposing that we start to reframe the gender debate in a way where we can honestly address issues faced by men without saying "men just don't have as bad", in a way where we can address female issues without saying "women complain too much, get over it.
We must remember that progress in gender justice is (or should be) a benefit for all not a sum zero battle. Often, we get caught up if tallying up a score on who has it worse, rather than finding ways to address issues for both sides, simultaneously.
What will you tell your sons or your daughters when they come to you for advice?


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  • Jul 5 2012: Aja, I'm glad someone else has noticed this. I'm afraid that even as the years go, this world we live in wont change at all. Men will still be seen as beasts, and women will still be seen as too delicate and housewife's. I believe its our own faults that the world we live in wont change. Some women nowadays want to be respected, yet they dress like...If I dare say, prostitutes. Men, will be men, if you dress in proactive way some things are bound to happen. And that's also one of the reason why men are seen as beasts, if some men could just control themselves, they wouldn't be seen as 'perverts' and 'molesters' We wont progress at all.
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      Jul 5 2012: If you carry a man child inside your body for 9 months and then give birth to him, nurse him and love him into adulthood, I think it unlikely that you would be unable to empathize with his trials and tribulations especially if they are the same ones you yourself have endured.
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        Jul 5 2012: very well said Debra. This is the reason why I asked what we will tell both our sons and daughters when in the adult world, we are pitching one gender against the other. Remembering that we might have children of both genders helps put in perspective the pressing need to acknowledge issues from both sides

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