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can we reform the discussion surrounding gender inequality?

As of late, the gender discussion seems to dominate the mainstream discussion on social justice. The alarming trend that I have noticed is that it has become a real battle of the sexes where one side accuses the other of causing its demise, which means any progress for one gender is seen as a loss for the other. I am proposing that we start to reframe the gender debate in a way where we can honestly address issues faced by men without saying "men just don't have as bad", in a way where we can address female issues without saying "women complain too much, get over it.
We must remember that progress in gender justice is (or should be) a benefit for all not a sum zero battle. Often, we get caught up if tallying up a score on who has it worse, rather than finding ways to address issues for both sides, simultaneously.
What will you tell your sons or your daughters when they come to you for advice?


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    Jun 29 2012: Understand your point......my feeling is even after re-framing / re-pharsing words of subject of such discussion / debate, things will come out which are deep seated in the mind due to tradition practiced centuries after centuries in human civilization without having conscious effort to change our psyche.

    Wish your such effort will make feeling to be wrong....
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      Jun 29 2012: I am sure that a paradigm shift in the way we discuss gender equality will not come easy, because change is destabilizing and often frustrating. It is indeed a conscious and difficult effort to make, but I don't think progress can be made otherwise
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        Jul 1 2012: I don't think equality and progress are the right words in this matter.

        If you look at traditional cultures life could only be sustained by a certain division of tasks between genders. Modern life changes fast, much more fast than most people can follow. Lots of people adapt to the new circumstances while others migrate from traditional areas.

        So it isn't progress but adaptation to a new way of life and it isn't a fight for equality, for genders were mostly equal in respect within traditions all over the world.

        Over time there's been a change of focus within humane life. At first all interest was on the group, then it became fhe family and now the focus changes to the individual.

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