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can we reform the discussion surrounding gender inequality?

As of late, the gender discussion seems to dominate the mainstream discussion on social justice. The alarming trend that I have noticed is that it has become a real battle of the sexes where one side accuses the other of causing its demise, which means any progress for one gender is seen as a loss for the other. I am proposing that we start to reframe the gender debate in a way where we can honestly address issues faced by men without saying "men just don't have as bad", in a way where we can address female issues without saying "women complain too much, get over it.
We must remember that progress in gender justice is (or should be) a benefit for all not a sum zero battle. Often, we get caught up if tallying up a score on who has it worse, rather than finding ways to address issues for both sides, simultaneously.
What will you tell your sons or your daughters when they come to you for advice?


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    Jun 29 2012: Dany, you deserve kudos for generating such a constructive (and maybe cathartic) discussion on such a divisive topic. If you ever pick any other controversial topic - you will have all the support I can muster! Thank you.
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      Jun 29 2012: It's a privilege to be able to interact with such brilliant people as you guys. I'm just glad that there are people out there who like me, believe that we need to constantly reframe the way we approach social justice. Criticism of any social movement is necessary and I'm glad you guys are participating in it with me.
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        Jul 3 2012: The sad thing to me is there was always a strain of feminist thought that argued and understood that the gender norms and roles forced on men were as undermining of identity, personal development, happiness and joyful interaction with others as they were on women. The right generally managed to suppress that strain by elevating the angry separatist writers...who were handpicked I believe to play this role.

        My right to freedom, health and joy implies yours...and it is the rules that "our betters" write which make that hard to attain...not my desire to attain them...

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