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Which is better for you and why as approaches to clinical and counseling psychology? Existentialism or cognitive behavioral therapy?

I just want to know what you think about it and why. Thanks.


Closing Statement from Juan Camilo Tovar Castro

Somehow I feel I already know that cognitive approach is really pluggin it into people lives and it's the best approach as Debra Smith but I feel kind of a romantic connection to existentialism :/ Wow I think that I should do what David Matta does. Thanks for your contributions!

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  • Jul 26 2012: Cognitive behavioral theory is suitable for the majority. It is soft and provides gradual insight into oneself. Existentialism is more eclectic and suitable to philosophers, religious people, artists, or the chosen few. Not many people are able to tell (or even conceive of) the difference between facticity and authenticity or are ready to face angst and despair.
    The one appeals to reason and the other to meaning beyond reason. I practice existentialism twice a week and mostly over the weekend otherwise it is all cognition. This is safer. Cheers!

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