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Do you think existentialism could be considered within a scientific context?

Existentialism as school of thought has not made its way into biological science and might not ever do it. But I ask this because I study psychology and I want to get a master degree and a PhD. I'm on my 3rd year and I still don't know if I will decide for neuropsychology or and existentialist approach to clinical psychollogy. I consider existentialism as way to invite people to use more their prefrontal lobes.

Some people say to me that existentialism is nothing but mere vague talking but to me it makes sense but I also know that we are our brain. I'd like to read some points of view about it. Thanks.

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    Jul 20 2012: Do you intend to merge or overlap existential terminology and concepts with the terminology and practices of clinical psychology? This seems like it could make sense, especially in reference to the clinically depressed. A framework for understanding in the one and mappable, practical solution sets in the other. New derivative terminology may be helpful in guiding the patient, but perhaps retain the dark-seeming labels of the philosophy; the patient will definitely find them relatable. :)