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How can we humans become immortal.

I came across a species called Turritopsis nutricula which seems to be biologically immortal.

It's the dream of every human being or may be every living being in this world, but how to become immortal and have never ending life at least biologically.

Lets twist some connections in our brain and find out its possibility and what will be the consequences if our dream comes to reality.


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    Jul 2 2012: Hi ,Chandrasekaran
    i don't know about the possibilities of humans becoming immortal, but about the consequences, i am pretty sure it wont be good for us and our planet.
    being immortal is largely a personal thing. as a species all we should look forward is on survival of our kind. being immortal and surviving extinction are different things, i hope you understand.
    other important thing is that, evolution of our species will stop by being immortal, i think you will agree with that. and without evolution we wont be able to cop with the changes of our environment and of our own life style. to survive we need to evolve and for that we should be a part of birth and death process.
    just think of the case if our ancestors were immortal, our brains wouldn't have evolved and we wont be this intelligent and we would've been continuing their life style...and if we were continuing that life style who knows we would haven't been extinct by now. because everything around us were changing.

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