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How does the rest of the world view the United States?

As an American I am wondering how the rest of the world views the United States culture, government, and future?

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    Jul 9 2012: 1) generous - the cited weight issue has more to do with that but also remember that the people themselves are the most generous on earth.
    2) abundant
    3) somewhat self absorbed or self centered- they think they are the only ones who fought those wars when most countries fought the good fight at least 4 years longer (AND THEY ARE CONVINCED THEY ARE THE ONES WHO WON THEM)
    4) they believe themselves to be pseudo rulers of the world
    5) Meddlesome- Americans cannot get their own country right but they have no trouble meddling in other countries (which really pisses everyone else off!).
  • Jun 26 2012: Freedom.

    I think most of the students do what they want like study and love.
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    Jul 9 2012: 'MERICA
    give that a google quite funny
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    Jul 3 2012: I am fom here, however, if you tune to BBC, news china, and some other available stations on the global network you will see indicators of how we are precieved.

    One of the indicators I watch is cartoons in major cities newspapers. To be honest they are not very flattering. We have lost a lot of respect in the last few years.

    All the best. Bob.
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    Jun 26 2012: With not a lot of experience, I've only been once but here's a few impressions. The weight was incredible, in the UK there's fat people but they don't use mobility scooters just so that they can get on the rides before me, (I went to Florida Disney) Ok in the UK there's chicken drumsticks which are just chicken legs, in the US there was turkey legs which were huge and actually reflecting light they were that oily. Fake, there's a fakeness to some of what I saw, when I went into shops I was instantly met by some happy smiley assistant telling me all about their offers, now there's nothing wrong with happy people but when it's fake and everywhere you go is doing it, it gets a little creepy. OBSESSED WITH THE IRISH, dam this was incredible, went to the cinema and people actually leaned in to hear me talking to my family and the whispers "they're irish" quite incredible
    Jumpy and always on the edge, went to Universal with a bag full of ham sandwiches as you do, got to some security thing and as the bag was bigger than some 70 year old security man's wee stick I couldn't bring it in, we were told it was because of security......because ham sandwiches are the new international threat.
    I won't even touch on the stereotypes of the south etc but ^^ that's what I saw.
    Aside from that it's like everywhere else.
    • Jun 27 2012: Stewart, sounds like a pretty decent description of Florida. I have to say your post made me burst out in laughter. When you said people were listening in to hear you speak in your irish accent I could actually picture this. I have family down there and my uncle actually owns an electric cart that he uses to drive around at Disney World. In regards to the fake behavior portrayed, I have to tell you, New England isn't much better, maybe some areas, but still its pretty rampant. I posed this question so I could report some of the results to my sociology class I think they will appreciate.
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        Jun 27 2012: One more thing which really bugged me, I was in a place called.... Celebration..... I wanted to vomit. And if that wasn't bad enough every shop and restaurant had a happy wee smiley name and was all painted in nice bright colours. Now I'm no pessimist but once you start making happiness your selling point you totally ruin the whole point of being happy and smiley. And everyone drove gold carts or a variant of some sort.
        Hmm what else was there...O yes your respect for the military now that's good, at Sea World they did a think where they got those in the forces to stand up and everyone clapped, you know it's nice to show respect and it was very nice to see and take part in. But I think it's the south who ruin it with their rantings and ravings about the importance of war. But no the respect thing is very good. OOOO AYE the houses thing, where the grass has to X length and houses are colour Y, that was creepy. And another laugh for you of course us not being used to America or tornadoes, there was something like 20 tornadoes sighted just small ones and the news was like stay inside bla bla bla but no we weren't wasting a day and so off we went for a wee drive with the thunder and all going off.
        O on the Irish thing it was kinda funny when I got asked where I was from and I said Northern Ireland and the person seemed confused by this and said, so you live in the north of Ireland? and I was like yea but they're two different countries and this perplexed the man and his wife and so that gave me a laugh.
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    Jun 26 2012: Overweight.