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What is peace and is it really an idealistic and or realistic goal?

What do we mean when we say that the world needs peace? Is it momentarily peace we speak of or ever lasting world peace? Can ever lasting world peace be achieved? Should it even?Chaos has created many things, the big bang being a prime example. Maybe we should just accept that we all have different interests and at best we can only compremise our individual sense of will for that of the collected society (Rousseau's Social Contract). On the other hand if we all adopted the same interests and values in every aspect of our lives in order to achieve peace then will we not be like sheep? (if that's such a bad thing).

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    Jul 9 2012: Every kindergarten teaher haws to deal with this. It is as simple (and as complicated) as teaching the children to keep their hands to themselves and requiring them to speak to others as they might like to be spoken to. So I do absolutley believe that peace is possible. Contentment on the other hand - maybe not.
  • Jul 5 2012: Just reading a few of the comments, and I hear the point being made that whilst it may not be a realistic goal, there is still merit in the pursiot of peace.

    I think we have to be realistic with ourselves, and just accept it for what it is, and move on. It is not realistic. In fact, it is incredibly naive to think it is. So let's not waste our time and resources trying to acheive nirvana, when we can instead be focusing on real issues.
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    Jun 28 2012: I know what you mean. A book, film or TV programme without conflict of some description is void of interest. It's like the man said about Switzerland and cuckoo clocks in The Third Man. And just look at the some of the amazing things born of conflict...poetry, novels, works of art.
  • Jun 27 2012: The pursuit of global peace is completely realistic, but might take centuries to achieve.

    It is extremely difficult, requiring a huge amount of very hard work. Global peace can be obtained only after we have a system of global justice. Justice requires non-violent conflict resolution. Achieving all of this on a global scale will require education and cultural changes, but people are working on it now, knowing that the results will be very meager within their own lifespans. This is what makes global peace a realistic goal. It is such a majestic idea that people are willing to do the work. If you want to learn more, try a google search on peace and justice.
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    Jun 26 2012: David, the pursuit of peace is the most important.
    A child who lives in an earthquake-prone region of the world should not ignore education because 'oh, i may die in the next earthquake and may not live to reap the rewards of my eduacation.'
    A bank can not say 'Oh, all our staff are born-again christains, trust-worthy fellows; and our customers are the elite who have no reason to steal;and there has not been a crime in this city for the past 80 years. So, we really dont need a high-tech security.'

    The only certainty about the world is that there is no certainty. Even though one tries one's best and one tries hard and plans; there is still no guarantee of success. But hardwork, planning and trying your best, that is the most important.
  • Jun 26 2012: so would you say that the value of peace is in the pursuit of it, for which we have to belie the illusion of it?
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    Jun 26 2012: Peace is an order of things in which human conflicts are resolved amicably through dialogue,compromise and sincere consideration for mutual interest by conflicting parties; it is an order of things in which disagreements are not resolved through the use of violence,destruction or cruelty.

    It is idealistic; we have to be hopeful that it is realistic in order to even try to resolve differences.
    But there will always be those greedy, selfish and intolerant ones among us. There will always be those who will pay lip-service to world peace, while pursuing their selfish agenda. They are not evil or bad; they are just human.

    The failings of human nature will always make world peace an illussion.
    • Jun 26 2012: so would i be right in thinking that it is the pursuit of peace that counts and that despite it being an unrealistic goal you have to belief in the idea of it?
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    Jun 26 2012: I think peace is a merely idealistic concept, simply because wherever there are human beings, there will be conflict, no matter what. Chaos is part of the universe as you pointed above, however if we talk about violence, it is decreasing thanks to our institutions but I don't think it is possible to achieve everlasting peace as enthropy is essential to the universe itself.
    About Rousseau, I may say that his ideas come from the belief that we, humans, are good and that society corrupts us and it is known and denmonstrated that this concept of the human nature is iobsolete and we're dangerous for ourselves as Hobbes once said, so peace, from my point of view might come to be one of those concepts that we created just to comfort ourselves, like the idea of a god-determined human nature.