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How will you spend your time and/or make a living between ages 60 and 100?

As improved medicine and machinery continue to expand our lifespans in the developed world, the current model in which we work until age 65 +/- and then "retire" seems sadly outdated. New questions begin to arise, though, when we reflect on how we will each make a living and how we will make a life. I am excited to see what kind of ideas you all come up with.

One particular question related to the model is this: if someone goes back to school to re-tool for a whole new career at, say, 50, will they get hired into career-track positions where they could work for 20 years?


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    Jul 9 2012: Volunteer more. Teach others the joy of reading. Walk across each continent. Listen to more music. Sing again. Join a ballet class. Complete the seven summits. Volunteer more.
    • Jul 15 2012: Unfortunately volunteering, while pleasant, does not produce the income needed to pay the rent, food & utilities bills!
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        Jul 15 2012: Hi Kay, you right it does not. Volunteering can be a couple of hours here and there-afterschool tutoring. It could be one day a month at Habitat for Humanity.
        Somehow there is a idea that if one volunteers you are wealthy. In my experience, this is far from the truth. Most of the people I have the honor of doing service work with, including myself, work 40,50-80 hours a week, raising children and running households.

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