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Should medical ethics be taught in medical school?

Over the course of the summer, I am embarking on a fairly comprehensive examination of medical ethics curriculum in the medical schools of the UK, Ireland, Canada, and America. I will be conducting focus groups and distributing surveys to understand how medical students view their competency in dealing with ethical issues, especially those encountered at the end-of-life.

I hope to use this information to make specific curriculum amendments that will allow future doctors to confidently manage terminally ill patients.

However, I need your help.

In order to make my study even more robust, I wish to garner as many perspectives as possible. Please contribute your opinions, your experiences, your attitudes and beliefs. Tell me how doctors deal with end-of-life issues: how they have managed your family and friends.

*The first comment gives a little background on the current state of medical ethics in the UK. It is an excerpt from my proposal earlier this year.


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    Jun 27 2012: Maybe medecine should be taught in elementary schools (at least the basic). The medical industry is too big to be ethical.. and cost an arm to develop, while some simple knowledge and a peaceful environment could be much more proficient !
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      Jun 27 2012: Classes in ethics are surely forgotten until a high school/collegiate level. I think academic administrators view ethical understanding is a purely philosophical pursuit rather than an integral part of communication, empathy, and integrity. Starting early is a great idea!
      • Jul 11 2012: Exactly, Brian. Ethics could easily be characterized as the most practical branch of philosophy, because it addresses social behaviors, which is a subset of human behaviors.

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