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The importance of anger.

When was the last time you were really angry? Angry to a degree where you could not help but do something about that which bought you deep dissatisfaction.I believe that there are two types of anger. The first being destructive anger where it is born out of ignorance and exists for the sake of itself. The second being constructive anger where it is born out of an injustice or dissatisfaction and a will to make a change towards a positive.The question is; in today's world of comforts and distractions are we finding constructive anger increasingly harder to maintain? How far do our dissatisfactions and patience have to be pushed for us to be moved? Are we becoming more and more de-sensitized?Without love we are like robots and the same can be said of anger.


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    Jun 27 2012: I think that constructive anger is not much of a feeling of fury but of a feeling that you want to change so you can overcome the thing that makes you hateful in the first place. That constructive anger helps us change ourselves and progress because we want to replace that feeling with a positive one, such as being proud of our achievement. I don't think that people like being angry or want to be, it just happens when we are surrounded of so much sadness, injustice and inequality, that is why they use this anger to drive their feelings into doing something constructive and changing the status quo.

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