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What is your favorite feature(s) on ted.com? What detail about that feature(s) makes it your favorite? How does it compare with other sites?

Wow, I reached the max amount of letters fitting those questions in without needing to fix it.

*pats self on back*

Anyways, any thoughts?

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    Jul 5 2012: My alt Time favourite feature was removed. I loved the 'recenrly commented " category. It helped me learn and stay current with conversations of alll sorts especiallly some that I knew so little about that I could not even comment.
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      Jul 6 2012: I usually leave a comment on those conversations that I know nothing about for future reference or deeper thought upon that specific subject, though usually I just snoop around the conversation and gobble up the knowledge that was left by greater minds. =P

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    Jun 26 2012: I like the conversations as you get to talk to people with very different views and life experiences. I use the recent commenter panel to follow people whos opinion I find interesting. Some are people whos opinion I respect and agree with others are people whos opinion I disagree with but through discussion learn to respect. The latter are often the discussions that are of the greatest value as they cause you to question your own opinion, which is something we should all do.
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    Jun 25 2012: The most valuable feature to me is the collection of talks, well indexed. I appreciate that the transcripts are included, because it is sometimes inconvenient for me to listen to the whole talk.
    I appreciate the Conversations as well for the fact that the discourse is substantive and draws people who believe in examining ideas together. I appreciate that the participants range from students to professionals and that there is a bias toward ideas that can result in choices and actions.
    Like Derek, I am glad that the administrators filter out rude comments and the use of the site for commercial purposes. I participate to a lesser degree in a couple of other high quality sites in which the site monitors seem to have more trouble clearing out on a timely basis thinly veiled commercial promotions. I used to participate in what was ostensibly a discussion site hosted by someone whose motivation in having the site was to build a market for his products/services, which made it feel like the selling was reletless! I so dislike that sort of atmosphere! Commecialism bugs me.
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    Jun 25 2012: I enjoy using the ted.com/conversations features, especially because it allows me to debate/ask/concoct just about most things. I enjoy giving and getting ted cred, as well as the nifty feature to see all my previous conversations that I have participated in. I like how anyone who is being a "TROLL", meaning a deliberate mean spirited individual, will have their comment removed and the rest of the community often times has some insightful comments. This is my first platform for making my own subjects that get reasonable responses, but the only other one I could compare it to was facebook/myspace, which is a total fail compared to ted.com.

    I also enjoy the plethora of subjects that the tedtalks encompass. They have talks for the whole family! Other video viewing sites has a lot of videos, but on ted.com, they filter all the videos to the very fine diamonds that I find with every video, but for those who want to view the obscure videos that didn't make it on the website, they have youtube channels. =)