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How do YOU escape from your "self"?

1) Can you remember a time when you felt at one with your surroundings? When you felt free and open, when you later looked back and said "I wasn't myself then"? What caused this shift of identity? What allows you to lose your sense of self-consciousness, your pride, your ego and leave all worries aside because you are temporarily separated from your projected self? What is your method of escape? Dance, music, art, perhaps acting?

2) Do you believe that there is a true "you" in the first place? Or do you believe that the "self" is just a mask that you put on each morning? If so, can you apply a new mask, or would you just be acting? Do you think if you consistently wear that new mask, over time, it will become the new essence of "you"? Or do you believe that your essence is permanent and unchangeable and that you can only "pretend" to alter your essence on the exterior?


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    Jun 28 2012: Lovely question :) For me its writing( mostly poetry,song lyrics etc...) and trying to look at events,experiences,people etc.. from as many different perspectives as possible,so in the end i escape from only looking out of my own little window.

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