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Plankton. Are the solutions we are coming up with to save the planet also taking into account the importance and impact on Plankton?

Is it important to include in our solutions the impact we may have on Plankton? Why?
If what I saw in th series put together by Richard Hammond, Invisible Worlds, is correct about the importance of Plankton in our entire life-cycle, then YES, we do need to be very very aware and very careful.

What do you think?

Is it just another complicator in the issues of environment?
Is it a beat-up?
Is it an over-reaction?
Is it something that will make life even harder for innovators and inventors so should be 'bottom-drawed', so to speak?
Is it real and present and a big concern that needs to be included as major part of ALL research into the environment?

This is not meant to be a beat up on Big Oil companies, but no doubt there will be comment.


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  • Mar 16 2011: Thanks John and Harald.. exactly what I thought.. Not sure I agree with it being beyond our comprehension, but I certainly agree with Fascinating.

    It might be something we don't know just now, but as people gather and share more and more information and raise awareness, like that series, the closer we come to understanding those fascinating links.

    The more we are prompted to think through all the possible impacts of a solution to the microscopic through to the largest object, potentially the better the outcomes. The real challenge is in finding ways to cover the whole gamut without having to take a prohibitive amount of time, and without glossing over issues for expedience in relation to ROI.

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