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do you write lists? i'm researching material for a book and would love to hear from any list-makers out there.

my book explores the role lists play in our lives - how they help us manage and organise the chaos of life, how they can provide structure and meaning in seemingly everyday tasks, and the amazing stories behind often discarded objects. If you are a list-maker, or definitely a non-list-maker I'd love to hear from you.


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  • Jul 23 2012: I am an avid list maker. I make lists for thing to do at work, I post stickies on my pc to remind of things I need to take care of at home, and always a grocery list. These lists free my mind to think of other more challenging ideas. Its not so much about the organization and structure but more about not needing to remember mundane items, such as what I need to buy at the grocery store.

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