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do you write lists? i'm researching material for a book and would love to hear from any list-makers out there.

my book explores the role lists play in our lives - how they help us manage and organise the chaos of life, how they can provide structure and meaning in seemingly everyday tasks, and the amazing stories behind often discarded objects. If you are a list-maker, or definitely a non-list-maker I'd love to hear from you.


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  • Jul 11 2012: Oh yes I am guilty of / proud of being a list-maker. I make lists of what I plan to do for the next day, this month, this year ( don't get me wrong, my lists are flexible), where I want to go for a holiday, what do I need to do for that holiday (visa, bookings, places to see etc), shopping lists, list of what I want to tell my doctor (aches and pains - no kidding ) , list of people I need to send birthday, anniversary cards, Christmas cards, list of things I have to give Salvation Army, list of books I plan to borrow from the local library and the list goes on and on!
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      Jul 22 2012: I make lists to motivate myself and to have a productive day.

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