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Within learning communities, how do we educate youth about the ethos of TED and get them excited about contributing to the TEDx community?

While we organized our event at TEDxYouth@BIS this year, we found that we were marketing the idea of TED and TEDx to people who already understood and supported this ethos. We are looking for your ideas, resources, and other possible solutions to help educate and involve more youth in the TED and TEDx communities.


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    Jun 25 2012: I love your insight and perspective Fritzie. I am re-thinking what I said now. Perhaps the marketing point is not so much focused on the concepts of "differentiation" and "individualization", but more on the concept of a "flipped classroom". Essentially, this is a newer concept that is more recently being understood in the discipline of teaching. I found a great infographic that unrolls this: http://www.knewton.com/flipped-classroom/

    Perhaps the way to get teachers to use TED-Ed is more about educating them about the instructional model or theoretical framework of a flipped classroom learning environment. Perhaps I was trying to begin at the finish line?

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