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Within learning communities, how do we educate youth about the ethos of TED and get them excited about contributing to the TEDx community?

While we organized our event at TEDxYouth@BIS this year, we found that we were marketing the idea of TED and TEDx to people who already understood and supported this ethos. We are looking for your ideas, resources, and other possible solutions to help educate and involve more youth in the TED and TEDx communities.


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    Jun 25 2012: Whether we like it or not, whether we acknowledge it or not= young people learn from what we actually do and live in every circumstance. We sow their future and thus our own in our every action anf they are keen and unrelenting observer who are brutally honest. So, to me the answer to your question is that youth learn from us but it is never the lesson we think it is.
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      Jun 25 2012: Spot on Debra! I am currently working with a colleague of mine to create a curriculum that focuses on how students can successfully take sustainable action. You can check it out here: http://www.helptakeaction.com/index.html

      One of the biggest components of this is teacher modeling. If we, as educators, or parents, do not model these behaviors, or these actions ourselves, then students may never develop these understandings. It really puts a spotlight on the fact that a great teacher, parent, person, is more about who they are, rather than what they know.
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      Jun 25 2012: Debra, you are correct or "spot on" as Jeff said, but often teachers (esp. newer ones) do not realize this....which brings up the question: Should teachers have higher standards/morals than other professions (which is another topic in itself). I would like to add, though, it is not only our actions and how we live, but also what we say. It is amazing to be that when former students find me on FB, they usually like to tell me that what I said about_____ (fill in the blank) was SO true; or they will write: Remember when you said _____ even though it was DECADES ago. And after I read these notes, I am like WOW... I hadn't realized the impact I had before and HOPED I hadn't led anyone astray with my "bad self". LOL
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        Jun 25 2012: Linda, as always I love your introspective consideration of what is said. I think that a partial answer to the question you raised is that EVERYONE who is able needs to be more mindful of the impact they are having. I wished that were the case professionally and in parenting for my ex spouce a cop, and for many others. We tend to think that it is 'just human' to be far easier on ourselves and take the rules to the 'nth' degree for others. Weird and unproductive.

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