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Fill in the Blank - What the World needs now is __________ ?

The World is shaped by our common aspirations and it is through our everyday actions that we provide tacit approval to our reality.

Try to answer this question objectively and share your thoughts to help co-create our Future.


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  • Jul 16 2012: To say that the world needs something in particular is too big. It's too big of an idea. It's too big and too vague. The world needs hope? Hope for what?

    I think there are small changes that each individual person could adopt that would and could change the whole world. And I think that change is the ability and willingness to understand other people. If we can stop for a second, and imagine what it must be like to be someone else, maybe we will stop judging, hating, and fighting. I believe in the good of people, and most people act reasonably. It may not seem reasonable to us though, unless we stop for a second and consider their influences and motivations. If we can do this, we can break down walls.
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      Jul 17 2012: Small changes which have the power to change the world - sounds big and great to me.
      • Jul 22 2012: I wish all the people in this world think that way.

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