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Fill in the Blank - What the World needs now is __________ ?

The World is shaped by our common aspirations and it is through our everyday actions that we provide tacit approval to our reality.

Try to answer this question objectively and share your thoughts to help co-create our Future.

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    Jun 26 2012: A lot of people aim to change the world however in my most humble opinion the world doesn't need to change it just needs to be treated better.
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      Jun 26 2012: Hi Helena!!!
      Nice to see you:>)
      In my humble opinion....I agree...:>)
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      Jun 27 2012: Wow that is a good thought, Helena!
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      Jun 27 2012: Hi Helena,

      In addition to some rehabilitation and therapy, yes, the world should be treated better. =)
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      Jun 30 2012: Wow, nicely said, and very succinctly, too. That needs to be made in an advertising catch phrase. My first thought was to make it into a bumper sticker, but that seems too cheesy and rather counter productive.

      But still, well said!

      And to Derek: yes, Mither Earth could do with some long sessions on the couch, she's been through amiserable couple of millenia!
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    Jun 25 2012: To understand that we are all on the same side.
    • Jun 25 2012: Awsome answer...........I am impressed by your insight.
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        Jun 25 2012: Dear Terry,

        Thank you for your rewarding comment. Fritzie Reisner has put it in a more clear way in previous comments I see and I am not the only one with the that idea in mind.
        "less US and THEM thinking".
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    Jun 24 2012: emotional literacy and more empathy. Also, some therapy. =)
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    Jul 9 2012: What the world needs is a history lesson. We need to look back at civilization, reflect, and advance forward.
  • s greco

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    Jun 29 2012: common sense

    The more I hear from people, and people in power, the more shocked I become. Look at this excerpt from the texas republican platform 2012.

    "We oppose the teaching of Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) (values clarification), critical thinking skills and similar programs that are simply a relabeling of Outcome-Based Education (OBE) (mastery learning) which focus on behavior modification and have the purpose of challenging the student’s fixed beliefs and undermining parental authority"

    ...are you joking me??

    We need a healthy dose of common sense among voters.
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      Jun 29 2012: How much fun is this answer, S Greco!
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      Jun 30 2012: WOW ! That's frightening ! It's unbelievable such words can be written in 2012, it looks like an inquisition statement of the late 12th century! I may have lost all humor, but to me such thoughts, if applied, are a crime against humanity..

      I'd hate to know my government wants my daughter to be uneducated just because there is a risk she might prove I'm wrong..
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    Jun 29 2012: to slow down.
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      Jun 29 2012: Fortunately, it will !

      Because this speed is imaginary : in 2012, the value of time is linked to the value of some markers like "$ "or "gold".

      When the people of earth will realize how trivial the dept issue is, and how useless 99% of human paid activities are, this people will rest, and start to live again. It is time for us to make this place confortable, for we are enough to make it real, everywhere !

      Anyone knows how to, but is not allowed to, because he doesn't "own" the earth..

      What the world needs now is to un-own itself ! (that would free itself)
  • Jun 27 2012: a complete system re-format.

    It's not that democracy doesn't work, or capitalism doesn't work, or whatever else doesn't work. It's that ALL systems become inefficient and corrupt over time. Like any other machine they occasionally need to be taken apart, inspected, cleaned thoroughly, and have some of their parts replaced.
    • J M

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      Jun 28 2012: Social systems, even if perfect working utopias and well intentioned from the start (a tall order in and of itself), breed around the controls keeping them utopias --just like diseases breed around antibiotics.

      Now what that says about mankind and utopias --and their 'controls' (which give utopias existence at all)-- is left for the reader.
      • Jun 29 2012: The original Utopia had slaves as a perfectly normal part of its society, because the author could not imagine a society which could function without them. What is possible that we are now failing to imagine?
    • Jul 14 2012: @Lee Miller.
      I agree. History shows how every system is overturned at some point. tribal leadership, city-kingdoms, states in one form or another. Fortunately it seems that each overturn gets less and less violent! Perhaps as a rule between reboots, we should construct the society to be as dynamic, modular and flexible as possible ?
  • Jun 24 2012: self awareness
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    Jun 24 2012: Less "them and us" thinking.
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    Jul 15 2012: What the world needs now is to realize that we are all connected.
  • W Chan

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    Jul 15 2012: Homemade Fish-Filet coated in cajun seasoning, and topped with tomatoes, spring leaves, jalapenos and a drop of Hoisin sauce
  • Jul 14 2012: .
    1. ..Education.

    The human brain are extremely faulty. We have 200+ biases at work all the time, we have numerous perception issues, and everybody is on autopilot 95% of our lives. This is imho the main reason we have trouble moving on. We all need to know when and why we loose rational thinking, and how to remedy that.

    2. ..No money.

    This sounds insane at first, but i cant find a single big problem that doesn't stem from, or are heavily influenced by our use of money or lack thereof. Money is nothing more than a basic tool to distribute what is necessary for us to have a good life. Money as is today doesn't seem to work anymore. With our current technological level, there are literally hundreds of different ways to distribute our basic nessesities, cooperate and contribute to this world. The need for money is all in our minds, ..and it must go..

    3. ..To accept and embrace difference.

    Laws of Chaos seem to apply to us. we are all different, will always be different, and nothing we say or do will change that. We need only a few common basic rules for how to communicate, prevent/resolve our conflicts and then lean back and marvel at the diversity. Tree-hugging thoughts? Not at all - this IS our future and it's coming to a theater near you ;-)

    How wonderful it could be.. ..thanks for asking the question.. i feel all fired up now :)
  • Jul 14 2012: What the World needs now is an awareness of an experiment we did in Biology class. The result of that experiment is the statement; "Any species in a closed environment with an unlimited supply of food will have a predictable exponential population growth and will cease to exist (mass extinction) as a result of pollution". I agree with a lot of the other world needs but for me this statement trumps everything. Japan's tragedy was and is causing extreme pollution in Japan and around the world. Contrast that with the Japanese invention of a new wind turbine that is more efficient than nuclear energy. The turbine structure is large, white and elegant. Humans are more natural than they are intelligent. Hope
  • Jul 13 2012: What the world needs now is a new political movement that is not influenced by big corporations. As long as there are political parties that are influenced by corporations that aim to make a profit by imposing their will on politicians there will be no hope, no peace, no openness and no unlimited innovation.

    So what the world needs is political reform. Reform and new ideas that suit this world and its needs better.
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      Jul 13 2012: I totaly agree with you, but I must add the fact that emerging corporations are one of the many causes, which are pulling people out of poverty throught developing nations of ASIA.
    • Jul 14 2012: Care to write it up for us? You're like the guy who says no to every place that is suggested to go to for dinner but doesn't offer any suggestions himself.
      • Jul 14 2012: Pirate party is a good start for instance :). Open policy, transparent government, reform of the patent and copyright system which are holding back innovation.

        Also why should I say "how" it should be done. The question was "what" does the world need right now. I answered his question.
        • Jul 16 2012: I must admit that that is a technicality that you got me on, good sir. But, I believe that with such an open-ended response that has to do with working and changing things, not just adding a certain element of humanity, I thought that a more in-depth answer was implied.
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    Sarah M

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    Jul 12 2012: Community spirit. Elderly die and are not found until months later. People are attacked and no one comes to there aid. People dont know there neighbours anymore. What happened ?
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      Jul 14 2012: hi Sarah, i am in favor of your point. as we all know, the rapid development of technology like the Internet seems make people get closer to each other than before.for example, people from all over the worldl like us are able to interact with each other easily at any time, which is totally beyond our imagenation in the past. but at the same time we intend to ignore the people just around us, our neighours and even our family. i believe the friendly communications with the guys in our daily life will make us feel more comfortable and more happy. so pay more attention to community spirit is really a good way to help us deal with the increasingly pressure we face.
  • Jul 8 2012: More economic equality. Let's not make our fortunes on the backs of the poor!
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    Jul 8 2012: Less religion and more science.
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    Jun 29 2012: To move away from Political correctness and rediscover old fashioned Community Respect Values and Ethics where neighbours looked out for each other, kids could play in the park or walk to school without fear either for the kids or parents. Where people helped each other with a smile and not walked past as if they did not exist.

    To be able to smile at stranger without thinking about it and hopefully ,without realising it make thier day
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      Jun 29 2012: Sending you a smile Morgan, not just because you mentioned it but because you deserve one for being a decent human being. It is harder work than it appears to be.
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    Jun 26 2012: More curious people. This alone can have profound effects on not only in the progression of science and other fields, but it will lead to the increment of society's interest in the unknown. Which over the history of mankind, people have held too close the illogical fear of the unknown.
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    Jun 26 2012: People who refuse to wear the false masks crafted by the society,genuine people who appreciate differences rather than reject them with blind prejudice...
    • Jun 26 2012: Instead of changing the people, why not change the society itself? What the World needs now is a much better society than the crap of a one we live in currently.
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        Jun 28 2012: Hyun,
        I agree about your opinions about the society today and how its run with the power of money.However as Colleen has said, the society is made up of people,whom I think we should not try to change but help become aware of their 'own' selves therefore gain more people who actually question the current society along with its norms and rules.By doing so,we will have more people who wont accept money as a weapon of enslavement,willing to change the world into a place where the top priority is the preservation and the evolution of the human race as you have expressed very truthfully in my opinion.
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      Jun 26 2012: Well said Beste:>)

      What is the society made up of......people? How can the "society itself" change without people changing?
      By changing ourselves, we can change the "crap of a one we live in currently", to something more appealing for all of us. "BE" what we want to "SEE" in our world. The ability to change is not "out there" somewhere. It is in each and every one of us, and it is a choice in every moment...seize the moment:>)
      • Jun 26 2012: Society is made not of people, but money. We live in a monetary society today, where the most amount of money enslaves the several with small amounts of money. We are blind to what society doesn't show us, or tell us about. Since you were so apt to point out the incorrect point that I was trying to make, let me rephrase the question, so it fits yours better. What the world needs now is a society that doesn't use money, but uses resources, innovation, and everything that we currently have available to us as humans to make our lives as humans, and the world, a lot better than it currently is. What we need is a world where the top priority is the preservation and the evolution of the human race, not a world where humans are suppressed by the few at the top with the most amount of money.
        "None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
        Watch this if you are openminded enough to try to see what could be
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          Jun 27 2012: Hyun,
          I agree that money enslaves some people, and in some respects we are blind. I am all for a global society which incorporates people, nature and technology...everything that we have available to us...for the betterment of the whole world. I agree that what we need is a world where the top priority is the preservation and the evolution of people and our environment. I believe that it is people who have the ability to implement a plan such as you insightfully speak of.
  • Jun 26 2012: for the poets and visionaries to be let loose.
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      Jun 26 2012: I think they need to be encouraged to jump the fences!
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    Jun 26 2012: Everyone should give someone a hug & that will make it around the world :)
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      Jun 26 2012: I am starting with you, Jessica! big hug to you!
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    Jun 26 2012: UBUNTU

    It's a philosophy " I am what I am because of who we all are"
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    Jun 25 2012: Trust
  • Jun 24 2012: Paradigm shift
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    Jun 24 2012: to wake up
  • Jul 17 2012: Understanding
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    Jul 17 2012: Truth.
    I was very disappointed when the US Supreme Court ruled that we have the right to lie.
    Lies are so important to every evil doer. Lies should be punished. Children need to learn that truth is a very rare and important factor in their lives. Without truth all sorts of mistakes and misjudgements will be made. When a child breaks something such as a vase, and says "I am sorry. I broke it." He should be noted as being truthful and even brave, if there could be a punishment. If he says "I didn't do it." He should be punished for breaking and punished again for lying. If he says "I didn't do it. She did!" He should be punished four times: For breaking, for lying, for false witnessing, and harming another person's reputation.

    So much of our world is based on lies. Big lies, bigger lies, and wholesale falsehoods.
    In war, the first casualty is the truth.
    The idea of incorporation, the creation of a legal body to take the responsibility, is a lie that is damaging the whole world. The people who damage the sustainability of life on the whole planet bear no personal responsibility for the damage they are doing. The politicians who say whatever it takes to get elected never take responsibility when they do not carry through with their promises.
    Truth is the key ingredient that is missing from the world today.
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      Jul 18 2012: Thank you Jon. You are right on. We cannot make good decisions when we don't have the facts. Logical reasoning will lead us to better decisions if we can get all the relevant verifiable facts.
  • Jul 16 2012: A 100% trustworthy media source that gets all the facts and leaves nothing out, broadcasting information and making all POVs on an issue and all details on an issue available to the public. Government and politics as well as big businesses and small ones having nothing to do with the media source, so that there's no way that the media can be influenced by companies or governments.
  • Jul 15 2012: Open minds that are willing to take and give chances.
  • Jul 15 2012: Gratitude
  • Jul 14 2012: tolerance
  • Jul 14 2012: Love, sweet love. It's the only thing, that there's just, too little of. ;)
  • Jul 12 2012: People to stop fighting over religious beliefs.
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    Jul 12 2012: PEACE
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    Jul 11 2012: Female egalitarianism

    The planet would be much better off in the future if a balance of attitudes could prevail and one way to equalize is to be inclusive.
  • N SHR

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    Jul 11 2012: ..whatever it is that is the opposite of greed... maybe more generosity and peacefulness!
  • Jul 11 2012: Objectivism
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      Jul 18 2012: Not if you are referring to Ayn Rand and her "Selfishness is good" psudophilosophy.
  • Jul 10 2012: a smile :)

    In the words of Mother Teresa, 'peace begins with a smile'.
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      Jul 11 2012: I adore the simple, practifcal wisdom of this answer, Michelle!
  • Jul 10 2012: The world needs COMPREHENSION!!!
  • Jul 10 2012: For people to take the positive out of everything that comes their way and that we are all human. It's not our mistakes that define us, it's the way we act after these mistakes.
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      Jul 10 2012: My thumbs up is not working again but I had to acknowledge particularly this last sentence!
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    Jul 8 2012: sharing...!!!

    Because, when you Share, everyone Becomes EQUAL.
  • Jul 8 2012: Empathy
  • Jul 8 2012: What the World needs now is honesty. We are bombarded by partial truths, half truths, to outright lies. If we want to be free simply tell the truth. There is a saying "Who is the wiser, the one who speaks the truth or the one who listens?" The lie is the greatest foe to man and the World. We need to realize that what we perceive as truth may indeed be false. Our truth in 5 years will change.

    When handed the truth many refuse to eat........the truth is served alone, a solitary huge portion, on the dish of reality. Many prefer the dish of lies where there are many pretty and tasty garnishes along with a small portion of the truth.
    Partial truth is easier to digest but leaves you hungry and produces more gas.
    James Cain
  • Jul 8 2012: SUSTAINABLE ENERGY. Everywhere.
    There is nothing else that comes to mind.
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    Jul 6 2012: the world needs now is me, you and every human of this world to make this world a better place ......
  • Jul 6 2012: Compassion. We as a society are so lacking in the love and compassion that we give others, and it has far too many implications on the world. To be able to feel how others do, to connect with them, to share their experiences, is the next step in having a future that we all want to live in.
  • Jul 5 2012: better education for all.
  • Jul 5 2012: Everyone here [most] is talking about peace and to how stop wars and such. And new ideas to create great things. But what we really need is values [morals] . If you look at the world we currently live in- this new generation, it will surprise you how we have lost the old ways, the old teachings.
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      Jul 5 2012: OK Michel, which set of values and morals would you choose and why?
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      Jul 18 2012: The old ways like in the old testament where God encourages genocides and the proper way to treat slaves? Civilization has come a long way. I agree that in some aspects we need to look back for guidance, but we can not go backward on many other issues. Morality and values evolve with our society. We learn that the majority is not always correct in their thinking. Take a look at utilitarianism and Kantian ethics and you'll see a way to move forward while strengthening morality. Peter Singer is another great place to look.
  • Jul 5 2012: Peace and tolrerance
  • Jul 4 2012: to exhale followed by a very deep breath and another exhale. Then it needs to stop whining and start doing.
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      Jul 5 2012: i love that cleansing breathe part! YES!
  • Jul 2 2012: Exactly how much information is enough information to make good judgement and when is making judgement off a lack of information justifiable. The reason why ethics is important and the value of a conscious being compared to an unconscious machine or rock.
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      Jul 3 2012: Mel. Robbins new talk discussed both sides of the brain and it supports your contention here. She calls one hemisphere "the brake"
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    Jul 2 2012: peace、new energy、justice
  • Jul 2 2012: For one thing the world needs to check on internet freedom and its sustenance and a review of Intellectual Property Rights Laws, along with saving the earth motto in each ones own small way !
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    Jul 2 2012: What the world needs now are people who can think wildly. Steve Jobs was an amazing advocate of encouraging creative, innovative thinkers who choose to take the path less traveled. We wonder how many of those who are involved in education give their students opportunities to 'set their wild thoughts free'.
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    Jun 30 2012: Wow I did a search not one person said communication...
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      Jul 5 2012: That is probably because we are all trying to practice it, Pat.Good point.
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    Jun 28 2012: Love, sweet love.
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    Jun 27 2012: Sartaj,

    What the World needs now is Integrity.

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      Jun 27 2012: Right on! I would add to that character. We all need to step up and help the struggling people around us, inject a voice of calm resolve into our political discourse, stop shopping for new junk like that's all that matters, start growing stuff (food, trees) get back in touch with dirt, slow down, breathe deep, oxygenate our brains and think critically about what needs to be done (now that we know everything) and what we can do right where we are in this moment.

      I don't understand how the penis measuring culture has survived this long! Always remember; use money love people, love people use money. "The love of money is the root of all evil." We must repel the barbarians!
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    Jun 26 2012: ...stories that we will be proud to tell our children...
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      Jun 26 2012: YES! Nothing that anyone does or says lets us off the hook of being the best person we can manage to be at any point in time.
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    Jun 26 2012: What the world needs now is to rest !
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    Jun 26 2012: Compassion
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    Jun 26 2012: ACCOUNTABILITY
  • Jun 26 2012: ACTION
  • Jun 26 2012: Tacos!

    or simply.... for people to believe in her
  • Jun 26 2012: Galileo said something like "the opinion of thousands is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual."
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      Jun 26 2012: Its a good thing then that the simple people keep on keeping on and our friend Mr. Galileo is dead. i am willing to bet on the regular folk with good current leadership.
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    Jun 25 2012: What the world needs now is love and common sense. The world will fix itself if parents raise their children correctly.
    • Jun 25 2012: Is there a global notion of "correctly"? Is it not subject to place, time and individual will and values?
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        Jun 25 2012: I thought someone would correct me on this as soon as I posted it. I do however believe that being raised correctly (however that may be) is essential to world change.
        • Jun 25 2012: I would have to agree. Maybe by correctly it would be right to think of raising them at all. Like to actively play a part in passing on lessons, values and morals, whatever they might be. Interaction and compassion maybe?
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        Jun 25 2012: Yes, pass down the good and interact. I think that is all that kids really want. The best people I have ever met were treated like responsible adults 85% of their childhood. The rest of the time they played with their family like children. I think you are right.
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    Jun 25 2012: What the world needs now is FRUIT!
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      Jun 26 2012: Maybe being healthier and more regular would improve everyone's mood?
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      Jun 30 2012: If the world literally went bananas I don't think that would be a bad thing. lol

      My first reaction seeing your post was laughter.
      Imagine that scene from the Matrix where they ask for weapons and the environment changes from blank white to rushed in shelves upon shelves of weaponry of all kinds. I imagined a similar thing happening as you make your wish and out of nowhere tons of fruit loaded in elegant buffet counters rushes in front of everybody on the planet at the same time. And they all smile.
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    Jun 25 2012: World needs conversation,not connection,I fell lonely
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    Jun 24 2012: Breakthroughs in nuclear fusion to supply an inexhaustible source of energy that is clean and safe.
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      Jun 25 2012: Considering the fact that most wars and invasion are on the scarcity of resources that will also solve hundreds of indirectly related conflicts.
  • Jun 24 2012: for people to think
  • Jun 24 2012: Kindness
  • Jun 24 2012: Selflessness.

    And...... that would also be the thing I need right now.
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      Jun 25 2012: And you can count on the fact that TEDdies everywhere are rooting for you, Elizabeth!
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    Josh C

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    Jun 24 2012: imaginative, creative, peaceful people who think for the greater good.
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    Jun 24 2012: MINDFULNESS .
  • Jun 23 2012: A shift in consciousness
  • Jul 22 2012: Evaluate, accept, mitigate and learn from our errors. Understand and replicate our success.
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    Jul 21 2012: imagination and sensitivity just as "pragmatic" approach in >long-term< visions
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    Jul 21 2012: Murmuration

    There are pieces of many of these answers that somehow must be taken together for the synergy that they represent. That's because each concerned person has something to offer. So I think the real question/answer might be about what we need to do and how we need to be with each other in order to collaborate fully as co-stewards of life on this planet.

    The growing global consciousness, the growing power of meme catalysts, and the growing interest to innovate and test new ideas, all of these things just might crescendo in the form of a kind of self-integration of the whole which I have visualized with the metaphor of a murmuration. (That's what you call a swarming flock of swallows. They are quite spectacular.)
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    Jul 21 2012: IN MY VIEW:
    What the world needs now is for people to be conscious
  • Jul 20 2012: What the World needs now is - for the human population to decline peacefully from 7 billion to about 1 or 2 billion.
    • Comment deleted

      • Jul 22 2012: Nonsense! Space is a cold, hostile vacuum that will never provide humans a living. This planet is the ONLY place we will EVER inhabit.
    • Jul 22 2012: This is a truth, but the question is how to achieve it without violating the people's rights.

      Maybe tere is a way. There is a male contraceptive in Europe for men that is placed under the skin and last 5 years. Lets make a global referendum and if the people of this world agree all mens of this planet will avoid having childs for five years. This will reduce the world popilation in 1B in 5 years. After that, one child per couple until population stabilize. The developed countries have to be commited to improve the way of life during that period and mental health professionals has to give support to the people during the quarintine. If it works and the people agree the quarintine can be repeated every 25 years in order to affect only one genaration at a time.
  • Jul 18 2012: love
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    Jul 18 2012: Truth is paramount. Our democracies are currently based on the manipulations of reality by the wealthy and powerful. Freedom of speech is being used to empower an ever more elite power base which runs our whole democratic system behind the scenes. The media is afraid of telling the truth, and is literally owned by the plutocrats in power. They create the illusion of choice in our elections, but they own the politicians on both sides of the aisle. Pick any member of congress on either side of the aisle, and you will see the evidence in their campaign funding, and their relation to lobbies. While I support freedom of speech, we are not allowed to yell fire in a crowded theater. If it can be shown that an elected official manipulates the truth or lies, they should be put on trial for treason. How is it possible that allowing our elections to be based on lies and propaganda is acceptable? I believe it is reasonable to limit free speech in regard to lies by elected officials.
    • Jul 18 2012: I agree Eric. In Canada we have a prime minister who won't allow scientists to talk about their work. Communication has to be filtered and approved by him first. He pays their wages and could fire them if they disagree. They are protesting on parliament. There have been election fraud issues here in the last election concerning his party. The end justifying means is his theme. He is an economist and he seems to filter out every other influence. He has stated that we won't recognize Canada by the time he gets finished with it. There is a Canadian TV production drama (Continuum) that proposes that in 2044 the corporations ARE the government. I see the human population almost as a single entity and therefore acting as a single entity. I don't see it acting reasonably but more like a bacteria colony hell bent on exponential population growth (and therefore economic growth). I see us having less spiritual and balanced/common sense influence and more of a frenzy as we race towards the finish line. The finish line being the END that justifies the means. Propaganda and lies are not acceptable. They generate chaos.
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        Jul 22 2012: Wonder where he got that idea Greg? Is he a Republican/conservative?
        • Jul 22 2012: Yes Debra he is conservative to a fault. Environmental groups and leaders are named literally as terrorists by him and his party members. Industry is given the fast track with environmental issues ignored. It's a feeding frenzy. We see the same polarization effect here as in the states in regards to politics in terms of right and left. The bottom line is that the real and silent killer is pollution no matter if we are left or right influenced. Exponential population growth is unsustainable in terms of environment or hunting and gathering. We should all take a trip to the Appellations to see the dying model of paradise caused by mountaintop mining. We are more natural than we are intelligent and fatally flawed therefore.
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        Jul 22 2012: My point was Greg, that he imitated his US heroes who muzzled the National Science Body in the US for many years. Thus the so called debate on global warning that only Gore's talk finally exposed (I think that last part is accurate).
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        Jul 22 2012: I wasn't aware it was that bad in Canada. We are so self centered in the States. We never get any news about our friends to the North. Possibly another example of a biased media. If we could come up with some ideas on how to get people to demand accurate information and then be willing to accept new information when it's presented, it would be a start. Here's one I've been thinking about: If it became a crowd sourced "occupation" of the social networking sites, maybe we could show that we won't put up with lies any longer. Or... millions of people created you-tube videos making the demand. I don't know anything except that we've got to wake people up. Left and Right would be better off with the truth and with getting the money out of politics entirely. It feels great to have found a place where reason seems to be predominant. Thanks TED!
  • Jul 17 2012: World really needs not the leader but a common sense to stop killing each other and let give the chance to peace
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    Jul 17 2012: What the world needs now is some serious efforts from its inhabitants to make it a better place for all.
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    Jul 16 2012: Love. Please don't yell at me.
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      Jul 17 2012: Robin, this was my answer too and the answer of many others. As far as anyone yelling at you, there are many here who would take great exception to that and you would be OK for you would have vocal allies.
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        Jul 18 2012: Thanks, Deb. You are very kind. It was pointed toward someone in particular, but I was joking.

        1 Day Later

        Hello again! You are so cool, Deb. Thank you for your willingness to stand up for me. I am embarrassed to admit that I am intimidated by bullies. However, at the tender age of 58, I should be dealing w/these matters a whole hell of a lot better if I'm going to participate on TED.

        Another very kind woman came to my defense when an angry man berated me, insulted me, told me I offended him, regarding a belief of mine. The point here is that he became enraged because I believed something other than what he believes!

        I find this shocking! Simply amazing, bizarre, absurd, crazy, foolish, insane, nonsensical, preposterous, unreal, wild, implausible, inconceivable, incredible, unbelievable, unimaginable, unthinkable, grotesque; curious, kinky, kooky, odd, outlandish, peculiar, queer, screwy, strange, wacky, weird; farcical, laughable, ludicrous, ridiculous, Alice-in-Wonderlandish, nightmarish; dreamlike AND surreal. (yes, a thesaurus.)

        Okay, I got a little off-subject, but thought it worth mentioning. :)

        Thank you again & know that I am working on becoming a tougher me!


        Again, you're so cool, Deb!!!! Thanks so much.
        • thumb
          Jul 18 2012: Oh good! but I wish you to know that I would verbally kick their butt if I had known. Welcome here!
        • thumb
          Jul 19 2012: Robin, thanks for sharing the thesaurus equivlents to what many of us feel in that regard. This note is to assure you that you are right on track in your own journey so just keep going and you will arrive at your own destination just the way you should. Many of us are detoured by bullies and I hope there comes a day when sweet spirits like your own will not even have to deal with and adapt to bullies. If so many more will reach our age intact.
          Just see yourself as whole rather than as delayed!
  • Jul 16 2012: good leaders
  • thumb
    Jul 16 2012: Tribunocracy see:
  • thumb
    Jul 16 2012: To refocus on Happiness as the priority and not on the pointless, endless pursuit of wealth to no positive end.
  • thumb
    Jul 16 2012: Co-operation
  • Jul 15 2012: You taking actions to improve it.
  • Jul 15 2012: Humans.
    Yes, 99% of the world is occupied by Homo Sapiens.
  • Jul 15 2012: What the World needs now is, well, a lot of things. First and foremost, I suggest that we need to prioritize what is important for humanity on a global scale and then go about actualizing such values. This is no small task. The problem is that despite all the talk about globalism, we are still largely a world of disparate nations. Only until we come together will we be prepared to take on the accelerating challenges occurring in all important areas relevant to human life, including but not limited to technology, education, healthcare, energy, politics, economics, and survival itself.
  • thumb

    Gail .

    • +1
    Jul 15 2012: People to become self-aware. Those engaged in cognitive functioning studies are arriving at some pretty astounding conclusions that mystics and sages thorughout millenia have been saying. Our bodies are the least part of us. The spaces between us are not empty and the separation between us is an illusion. Our thoughts are electromagnetic energy that extends beyond the body and interacts with the energies of others.
  • thumb
    Jul 15 2012: Mindfulness
  • Jul 15 2012: just say Hi each other in the morning.
    • thumb
      Jul 15 2012: What a great and doable first step for everyone!
      • thumb
        Jul 16 2012: Couldn't agree more!

        Or, ask how somebody is doing, and actually wait for the answer. You'd be amazed at how many people don't know what to do when you actual wait to hear how they are today.
  • Jul 15 2012: Community. What the world needs now is community.
  • Jul 14 2012: What the world needs now is - to come out of the Inertia it has been engulfed in.

    As per Newton's first law of motion,
    "Any body/object will keep on doing what it is doing, until an external force is applied which changes its current state."

    The world needs that force, that nudge to come out of slumber and do something which changes the face of humanity forever.
  • Jul 14 2012: belief... in ourselves, others, humankind, the future and peace.
  • Jul 14 2012: The world needs to be shocked and awed.Presently, we are at a state where things bother us,if at all, for a mearge 20 minutes..Out of sight is truely out of mind..The beauty of a surprise is that it is a bond that brings together a varied group of people..and makes them feel oneness as they experience the same imagination..
    • Jul 14 2012: Very aptly put Rakshita. The world needs a nudge in the form of a truly shocking experience. That should be sufficient to arouse our intellect to a higher level of understanding.
  • Jul 14 2012: sanity

    We keep doing the same things over and over and expecting different results, which is a description of insane behavior. It is not a definition.

    Other than that, doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is called "practice" but for humans,
    sadly, we continue to practice insanity.

    It isn't morality or higher ethical standards and all that antiquated BS.

    The world is insane, that is, most do not know the difference between true and false, good and bad or right or wrong.

    Once that is written, most will declare they know the difference and are fairly well-adjusted.
    That is how they know what is right or wrong.

    Being well-adjusted is not a sigh of mental health when it means being well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society.
  • Jul 14 2012: Honest People....If people round the world have higher moral and ethical standards so that they empathize with the plight of others, that will take care of all the issues being faced by Humanity.
  • Jul 14 2012: Tolerance!
  • Jul 13 2012: Contact with intelligent extra terrestrial life. Its the one thing that I think would bring us all together and make it all just stop.I'm not a conspiracy theorist, I think it is extremely illogical for aliens to come and abduct people and do silly experiments on them. I thought I saw a U.F.O once. It turned out to be just to be a very strange oddly high placed street light in the distance. THough for the brief few seconds I though it was ( there was a friend with me who saw the same thing and without speaking we felt the same exact way as we later reflected) it was the most glorious few seconds of my life. It was like everything that had happened before didn't matter and nothing would ever be the same again.
  • Jul 12 2012: what the world needs now is mutual understanding between nations,countries and people...
  • Jul 12 2012: Fewer human beings going forward. Choose a lower population by humane means or eventually have it done for us by cruel circumstances. Not one of our world problems will be solved or even reduced by having a higher population density.
  • Jul 12 2012: Trust...simple, unequivocal, powerful. Unfortunately, this tends to arise only from a clear, compelling demonstration of Trustworthiness...which can be elusive in today's society.
    • thumb
      Jul 12 2012: I love that you added trustworthiness!
    • thumb
      Jul 18 2012: Trust would be great. Can we trust what the media tells us when they answer to their corporate owners? Can we trust what our elected officials tell us when they answer to the lobbyists and wealthy donors? Until we can hold people accountable for telling the truth based on logic and facts, trust is a luxury we can not afford. Skepticism is our best ally at this time.
  • Jul 12 2012: Peace;)
  • thumb
    Jul 12 2012: Hope .. I guess
    • thumb
      Jul 12 2012: Perfectly beautiful. Thank you.
  • Jul 11 2012: exercise
  • Jul 11 2012: Love and humanity!!
  • Jul 11 2012: A better education for the change(particularly in India).
    By the practical education, many students can have fun while educating (unlike in today's generation) A virtual or practical education is needed for the future growth/progress and bringing up the intellect of the people.
  • thumb
    Jul 10 2012: Answers. We have more than enough questions already. Of course, we manage to answer a few from time to time, but questions arise faster than answers are provided. On the other hand, I won't deny the fact that we do need questions to keep us motivated through life and get a sense of accomplishment when we finally answer them. However, It would be especially interesting to get a definite answer to the age-old question "Who are we?".
    • thumb
      Jul 11 2012: Some would say we have plenty of answers but no ears and others would say no hands to implement the answers.
  • Jul 10 2012: Balance.
  • Jul 10 2012: What the world needs now is of course love sweet love. We cant get enough of that stuff. We also must become, as a human race, more educated on how we are affecting the earth. Global climate change is a monster that few seem to be thinking about. If certain issues are not addressed regional, religious, economic, and political issues will seem like a small drop in the bucket compared to the future changes that are coming. I'm not a climatologist, naturalist, or a hippy but i have taken the time to try and understand the weather of the future, sadly it doesnt look good. So, I think the world needs some real education in regards to how we are affecting the earth as a species. Why not start right here in the US? :)
  • thumb
    Jul 10 2012: What the world needs now is BETTER TV SHOWS!!! Tv shows have a major influence on peoples train of thought. Most of what's on tv isn't very beneficial to peoples train of thought. I've learned through the years that's really important to monitor. Animated tv shows that are heavy in comedy and cursing are super popular among teens and young adults. In todays world, this content is what reaches young minds.

    I'm pretty sure the creative writers of these shows have the ability to fuse those popular qualities with current popular knowledge from the science world or the world of politics. People would love to watch these shows and be looked at as different. Being different is cool.
  • Jul 9 2012: A leader that can unite the world, not some one that wants to lead for the power but because he/she see's a problem that needs to be solved. With out one the world will continue fighting about who should be on top.
  • thumb
    Jul 9 2012: World wants for many things but its inhabitant’s needs to own a single overreaching vision or goal. What is it that we want to achieve? We are a nebulous amoeba on the surface of the globe milling about without direction or reasons thus not achieve anything for us all.
    What we need is a single aim for us all.
    • thumb
      Jul 10 2012: In the study of Pyshcology they call what you are referring to - a "Supraordinate goal" and there is substantial and compelling evidence that it really works.
  • thumb
    Jul 9 2012: What the world needs is individual passion. that everyone be self aware and have a sense of what completes them. a man of passion is a man that knows where he is headed.
  • thumb
    Jul 9 2012: Take a step back and breath.
    Remember that we are all in this together.
  • Jul 8 2012: what the world needs now is a strict population policy. it's our only hope for creating a sustainable world
  • Jul 8 2012: The world needs smart people.than brilliant people.Because smartness brings you the brilliance thoughts within you
  • thumb
    Jul 8 2012: Respect and acceptance.
    • thumb
      Jul 8 2012: Said, What type of acceptance are you talking about?
      • thumb
        Jul 8 2012: Acquiescence.

        I think accepting others, opinions, and diversity is essential. I'm not saying I do, but I wish I could. It's a personal aspiration.
  • thumb
    Jul 8 2012: a break..
    it needs time to restore this world to get back to normal...
    extremly hot in korea. the world is not what it uesd to be.
  • Jul 7 2012: The need that is the most important, and the most simply met right now is: start getting serious about building Thorium Liquid Fueled Reactors. These are a mostly forgotten ALTERNATIVE type of nuclear fission power plant, which are passively failsafe, and 200 times more efficent that the present reactors. Thorium fuel is not only incredibly cheap, but it is widespread and easily available. The technology, invented and demonstrated 50 years ago during the Cold War to power airplanes, was sidelined and forgotten mainly because it did not produce bomb making material. Other than that, it has very few drawbacks, compared to the present LWR reactors, which are accidents waiting to happen. I t is not too much to say that our level of civilization really depends on cheap energy, and the days of carbon based energy are fading fast.. Most of the sustainable energy schemes are fantasies, due to the practical obstacles in carrying them out. ("Energy density": Thorium wins a million to one) There is no real obstacle in having a Thorium program;( I understand the Chinese already do) Its a lot like when Tesla invented alternating current electric power: people , at first, said "If this is so great, we'd be doing it already." .Would that that were true, but it's not. .
  • Mes Maz

    • +1
    Jul 7 2012: To Be Free.
  • Jul 7 2012: The World needs love and compassion for all,which begins with each individual having love and compassion for themselves.
  • Jul 7 2012: The world needs peace and an end to violence. The uprisings and the violence in Northern Africa and the Arab world is not what we need. We need to stand for peace and do all within our powers not minding where we find ourselves to support just cause.
  • Jul 7 2012: World needs REST !!
    • thumb
      Jul 7 2012: Shella! What does a mother do with an impossibly cranky child? She puts him down for a nap (and has one herslef if she can). Wonderful suggestion.
      • Jul 8 2012: yeah..even if you are tired or a bit worried or in anger if you take some rest you 'll be alright :) ! but only some people knows about Rest in this tireless busy world...
  • Jul 7 2012: The world needs repair. Unfortunately before we as a species learned or will learn to preserve resources, create renewable energies, and even live without killing each other over the most trivial of matters. We learned how to pollute on a massive scale and create atom bombs. We must work to return the earth to a manageable state, then take the learning and development from that point. Development will eventually become slow to nonexistent in the world if the pace we are at continues.
  • thumb
    Jul 7 2012: It's a no-brainer.....CHEAP FUSION.Why? 1.we could stop wrecking the atmosphere burning fossil fuels 2.oil would vastly decrease in importance,changing the economic/political background which has led to so much bloodshed,comparatively clean power would re-vitalise the world economy,leading to a better future for ALL 4.a richer world with a more hopeful future would be less likely to destroy irreplacable swathes of nature,as we do now 5.the wealth it created could be used by people of good will to repair at least some of the damage done in the past.I have no doubt that the technology will be found to achieve power from fusion,BUT let us make sure,each in our own way,great or small,that we keep the power to control its use in the hands of people of goodwill so it is used for the benefit of ALL.Too many times in the past we have allowed new and promising scientific advances to be subverted and turned to wicked uses.
    • Jul 7 2012: philip : I agree with most of what you say, but "Cheap Fusion" has not been yet achieved. It might take a long time. In the meantime, all your cogent observations could be achieved by an ALREADY demonsgtrated technology: Thorium Liquid Fueled reactors (LFTR). See Youtube.for details; you'll be glad you didi.
      • thumb
        Jul 8 2012: Thanks shawn,Thorium reactors are unexplored territory for me,so I am now reseaching them.
  • Jul 7 2012: true peace. not between countries, between every human and himself... between every human and others... between every human and his inside...
  • Jul 6 2012: A code of conduct
    and a civil discussion as how to use the planets resources best.
  • Jul 5 2012: Debra, in today's society we need every one of them. Children of 13 believe they're mature enough to even have kids. What do you make of that? It's as if we've lost all the old teachings. I can't tell you which set I would choose, because in truth, I would choose every one of them.
    • thumb
      Jul 6 2012: Thanks for responding and for answering my question. Your approach here is much like my own as it pertains to cultures and I will devote much thought to what you have said here. Thanks for an excellent start to my day! I hope Florida is treating you well!
  • Jul 5 2012: to be (metaphorically) hit over the head by a shared global undeniable experience that will draw all people together toward a common life affirming goal. Aliens maybe?
  • thumb
    Jul 4 2012: end of wars and oppressions
  • thumb
    Jul 3 2012: Creativity that can start a revolution. I would say something along the lines of a mini-Renaissance, to jump-start the next generation.
    • thumb
      Jul 3 2012: Why "mini"? Let's go big!
  • thumb
    Jul 1 2012: Standardization ...
    • thumb
      Jul 3 2012: This is an interesting reply. Please elaborate.
  • thumb
    Jul 1 2012: The world doesn't need much for our world is the product of our thoughts and actions. To have a change for the better we need to think better so we can understand ourselves for what we are.
    For a better understanding it would be a leap forward as people, bit by bit started to see that the universe is a conscious being and that any living being shares in that consciousness, shaped and confined into the structure and purpose of that body they occupy.
    If consciousness was like water then a living body would be like a water filled bottle, water separated and shaped to its volume up until that bottle opens or cracks so that its content evaporates to join all waters.

    From this view all mutual care, environmental care, all appreciation and respect for life would become a natural thing to all.
  • thumb
    Jul 1 2012: Imagination - not the typical garden variety - imagination of Einstein proportion
    • thumb
      Jul 3 2012: "imagination of Einstein proportion "
      The poet is right about this!
  • Jun 30 2012: one new media technology that can both reveal how wrong we've been in our educational/developmental models and deliver the solution to specifically combat all remaining dysfunction hanging on in what's left of the "factory model" or "Industrial age" system. There will never be enough people who will know what is wrong with the way we "process" children to teach everyone who needs the knowledge to implement change. Media technology is the one thing we have which can act in that regard--being millions of places at once, serving one person at a time in the context they find themselves in. We can all pop off with statements like the world needs more understanding, more cooperation, more science etc but none of that is anything but a wish for divine intervention. Technology is here however for us to put to high purpose. What is wrong is that idealism has yet to meet with the serendipity necessary to fund the one technology that delivers us from our errant and slow-moving models of human development. Thus what the world needs now is not just sustainable development but a technology to sustain a rate change in achieving the sustainable development that will create new economy of which peace will be a by-product. I have this dream and this knowledge of where and how--just not the fortune yet to have someone say, let's try it.
  • thumb
    Jun 30 2012: Empathy (global, interconnected, bonded, inspirational, inclusive...)

    So many people said "love," or "harmony," or "peace," or "understanding." I even saw mention of the big picture and such and each time I said to myself yes yes yes and yes. Love is important, in the sense of caring about ourselves and others and our future. Loving 7G people that I don't know doesn't seem to match the concept. I do think we can empathize with the biosphere. I think that exercising love usually means offering the shoulder, the hug, the looking into the eyes thing that requires face-to-face contact. I can't offer a hug to 7G but I can design the next Permaculture farm or geodesic dome or smart grid or social learning network or plan the save-the-bottom-billion project with empathy. I think empathy is an ideal meme to go viral...
  • thumb
    Jun 30 2012: equality, love and wisdom
    • thumb
      Jun 30 2012: Dear Zhang! what do you meant by wisdom do you think that currently the human beings are not wiser enough?
      • thumb
        Jun 30 2012: I'll state that we are not wise. We have so much knowldge (could still use more of that, however), but wisdom is the ability to understand how knowledge should be applied. So, no, i think we humans as a whole are definitely lacking in wisdom.
        • thumb
          Jul 1 2012: Dear Verble
          I am a student and the above reply has increased my knowledge but may i know that how human beings can be able to increase there wisdom? I mean to say that what do you think that college and university education is way to increase the wisdom or it comes through experience and is God gifted like when I see in the past there are a lot of people who never went to the colleges but still the world not only remember them but follow there teachings like the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) did not even know how to write and read but near one third of the world population follow his teaching. So the question which I wanna ask is that how can we increase our wisdom not only knowledge?
        • thumb
          Jul 20 2012: I'm sorry for replying so late. I mean, what we need is the wisdom of existence but not survival.
      • thumb
        Jul 11 2012: My apologies for not replying sooner, I have been away. But to answer your questions, in my humble opinion, since wisdom is the application of knowledge, it must first begin with knowledge. You must seek out, explore, gather information. Yes, university is a good place, but I also speak of traveling the world. Getting to know other people and other cultures is essential for understand the world in which we live.

        But that is just a first step. To be truly wise, we must understand that we are not the center point of this world. We must focus on higher goals than ourselves. When a person has a perspective of the world that is not focused on themselves, but rather on the world as a whole, then they start to make decisions based on what is good for everything, rather than just immediate gratification. Also, that helps us learn truly to see other people's opinions as valuable as our own. When we see other people as important as we are, then we begin to understand why they do the things they do.

        With all this in place: knowledge, experience, global perspective, empathy for others, THEN we can begin to make wise choices that will bear great fruit long after we are gone.

        Does this help?
  • thumb
    Jun 30 2012: Leadership; we need to step up and take part of the solution. Take some sacrifices and commitment to really change this reality. Invest in the people and not in the laws or the infrastructure.

    Dream bigger and act to make our dreams real. We should all aspire to perfection. Achieving perfection is impossible, but when one works hard for that goal, the result, will be excellent.

    This is what i think the world needs.
  • Jun 29 2012: Empathy. We need to understand one another or to at least be willing to try to understand each others' points of view. We don't need to agree necessarily, but we would be all the better for the attempt.
    • thumb
      Jun 29 2012: Another really great answer.
    • Comment deleted

      • Jun 30 2012: Apologies, I seem to be having difficultly following the train of your comment or at least the connection between all these questions.
        Empathy, in my view, naturally leads to a greater respect of other people and their way of life, as it is very difficult to hate a person that one understands as that person would understand themself. I am uncertain why we are discussing emotional intimacy.
        By understanding I mean understanding. I would view a relationship of that kind as something that would allow understanding to occur, rather than understanding in itself. A greater amount of such relationships would be ideal, particularly in the current political environment.
        If by neutrality, we mean a "live and let live" attitude, then certainly, I would agree. I assume that was what was meant. However, if we are discussing a refusal to take sides or hold an opinion... well, that shouldn't be necessary. We still need to talk about sensitive issues, we just need to be a little more understanding of the opposing viewpoint.
        Consideration is a good quality.
  • thumb
    Jun 27 2012: Truly saying now the world needs the humanity. there is short of it in the modern world.
  • thumb

    Lejan .

    • +1
    Jun 27 2012: ... a reconsideration of its values and the ways hounting for them.

    As long as value is combined with and defined by scarcity equality will stay theoretical.
  • Jun 27 2012: Real Men with shoulders, men with integrity, men with ears of understanding, men with deep pockets, yes real men
  • J M

    • +1
    Jun 27 2012: Bio technology (indefinite age extension and /or artificial womb) and space travel (computers --incl cyborg tech--and deeper understanding of quantum mech will inevitably develop exponentially ...and then comes a reality beyond most comprehension [as if the arti womb and space travel isn't already]).
  • thumb
    Jun 27 2012: Answers to difficult questions.

    The rich don't care who the poor are. The poor are left to fend for themselves. What would you expect them to do but what they are doing?

    The poor are often in need of therapy but can't afford it. So they spend time filling up the jails after committing crimes for reasons that they themselves don't understand.

    Men impregnate women and then leave the nest. The children are raised by working mothers who aren't there to discipline their children. The children become tomorrow's problem. We live in a society that thinks that adultery isn't a sin. Yet it cascades into many crimes in the aftermath. The politicians are looking for answers. The answers are in following the commandments. But you cant' tell people that because it violates their concept of the separation of church and state. So we build jails instead.

    My father was an alcoholic. My mother sought help but couldn't find it. The doctor never mentioned alcoholics anonymous or Al-Anon. She didn't know that these programs existed and often wonders why her doctor never mentioned them.

    People try to help others, but then they get burnt in the process. They don't know how to provide the help that is needed or who to turn to for answers. The Church of Scientology tried to deal with the issue but it became more about the money than solving the problem. They had the right answer, but the wrong approach in how to solve it.

    There are plenty of people in the world in need of help but don't know where or how to find it. If people knew what the problems were, and knew where help was available, there might be far less problems. But the biggest problem is finding out what the true nature of the problems are, and then trying to find solutions to those problems.
  • Jun 26 2012: A great big melting pot?
  • Jun 26 2012: Only more faith in God...
  • thumb
    Jun 26 2012: Now world needs a training to protect the Earth....
  • thumb
    Jun 26 2012: LOVE

    We all have love in our hearts. We need to recognize, understand, appreciate, accept, and share it:>)
    It is with respect, acceptance, kindness, compassion, empathy, understanding, all of which are enfolded in love, that we will successfully navigate our global future:>)
  • Jun 26 2012: Peace to rescue our our identity against corporations, because a person it's not only an end user.So you born ,growing up became an enduser and die.
  • thumb
    Jun 26 2012: INDIVIDUAL HUMAN RIGHTS AND SOCIAL JUSTICE -- once you have these, all other things are possible.
  • Gu E

    • +1
    Jun 26 2012: maturity
  • Jun 26 2012: Ambition.!
    • thumb
      Jun 27 2012: Isn't that what brought us to this awful place?
  • Jun 26 2012: to listen carefully to "others"
  • thumb
    Jun 26 2012: Release of hate and competition from person to person. A world sense of unity. I think that would be best.
  • Jun 26 2012: more knowledge, less ignorance.
    Being surrounded by high-tech solutions - it's easy to get lazy and stop learning and asking "how?" or "why?"
  • thumb

    Sue Hu

    • +1
    Jun 26 2012: generous towards others and to harmonize the relationship between human and nature.
    • thumb
      Jun 26 2012: So more Chinese input- yes, I second Sue's point.
  • Jun 25 2012: Balance and compremise. Also to accept that life takes as easy as it gives.
  • Jun 25 2012: What the world needs is to stop valuing money over everything else. There are enough resources on the planet to help every diseased and starving person out there, but all I ever hear is that there's not enough money. That's like saying i want to bake a cake but don't have enough cups. Money, currency, whatever you call it it is a system of measurement that has run amok and taken control of that which it measures. Somehow, I don't know how, more people have to realize this. Stop coveting the cash and instead use it and your time to make the world around you better.
  • Jun 25 2012: By more people who are passionate about ideas and about doing things. I do believe if people start doing what they love than this world would be a much better place.
    • J M

      • 0
      Jun 25 2012: What if people "love" killing the weaker variants motivated by sex bottlenecks?
      • thumb
        Jun 26 2012: Then they have topick something else. Who ever siad TEDdies are not flexible?
        • J M

          • 0
          Jun 27 2012: "Then they have to pick something else [to love]"


          I was pointing out that the word "love" --like "hate"--is over used as a catch all.
      • thumb
        Jun 27 2012: case you were so subtle that we missed it?
  • thumb
    Jun 25 2012: ...authentic, real and matured love emanating from the leadership.
  • Jun 25 2012: Dear Sartaj
    Thank you for starting this conversation. It's encouraging to see so much positive feedback out of the community. I knew the people here were smart. But I also see that they have wisdom and heart. I am happy to be a part of this community. Even tho I do not know any of you personally, Now I can honestly say I love all of you as fellow human beings. With great minds it takes wisdom and great hearts. is in my opinion the best site to visit or be a part of and the comments from this conversation proves it.
  • thumb
    Jun 25 2012: a hug
  • Jun 25 2012: Great them all....
  • thumb
    Jun 25 2012: To see the big picture.

    To see that that other people and other things exist for good reason.

    To see that everything, without exception, is interrelated.
  • thumb
    Jun 25 2012: What the world needs now is----- PEACE.
  • thumb
    Jun 25 2012: Wow! You have to love the way TEDdies make you think! Great answers!
  • thumb
    Jun 25 2012: Care
  • Jun 25 2012: Re-inventing relationships between goverment and citizens, in every aspect concerning environment, global peace, health, education.
  • Jun 25 2012: More Love and respect and Less neglect.
    • thumb
      Jun 25 2012: As the old song goes, sweet love.
      • Jun 25 2012: Much Love Debra. And may all your Hopes and Wishes come True.
  • thumb
    Jun 25 2012: One step at a time ... local, regional change that will influence global change.

    This must be a grassroots movement. No government will surrender the nest they have developed for themselves.

    All the best. Bob.
  • Jun 24 2012: Laughter
  • thumb
    Jun 24 2012: Security
  • thumb

    Aja B.

    • +1
    Jun 24 2012: Checks and balances that work.
  • thumb
    Jun 24 2012: Sustainable Environment & development for secure future.
  • thumb
    Jun 24 2012: A true implementation of all the positive productive thoughts and knowledge going around everywhere those which TED and TEDx are brilliantly capturing and presenting in a simple innovative and inspiring way!

    We need to work, to do, not just talk and spend our time learning with out truly turning all those ideas and knowledge into action!

    God Bless everyone with a true heart set for the change for the better of everyone and everywhere!
  • thumb
    Jun 24 2012: wisdom and collaboration instead of corporate interest driven geo-politics
  • thumb
    Jun 24 2012: Suggest in the short term:
    1.To figure out how we can improve meaningful living standards and happiness without relying on unsustainable exponential economic growth.

    Then reduce population growth, reduce low value consumption, reduce pollution.

    2. The overthrow or evolve away from dictatorial regimes whether individuals or military etc.
    Generally work against concentration of power and wealth and mistreatment of people.

    In the longer term, nice if our compassion and intellect increases and our greed and selfishness decline.
  • Jun 24 2012: Priorities and a morality check
  • thumb
    Jun 24 2012: A polite tap on the back. Then an impolite one. OI! There's more than just people here dude!
  • Jun 24 2012: Perspective.
  • thumb
    Jun 23 2012: To know the true meaning of Love.
  • thumb
    Jun 23 2012: Those of us who are middle aged may automatically recall Jackie DeShannon's 1965 hit, "What the world needs now is love, sweet, love... that's the only thing that there is just too little of." Dionne Warwick sang it also.
  • thumb
    Jul 19 2012: Deb, I've left you a message above. I've was adding on to original message . . . Yikes! STILL trying to navigate my way around.
    • thumb
      Jul 22 2012: Dear Robin, I will check my answer and get back to you but you never have to wait to contact me, please just click on my name which will take you to my profile page and you can email me if you wish to speak with me. I promise you a listening ear and honest response. Thank you.
  • Jul 18 2012: Passion. When you have a passion for what you do, great things could happen, creative minds could appears, great ideas could concretize and the life could be more happy :)
    • thumb
      Jul 22 2012: I do agree that there is too much apathy in today's world. Where I see passion is in the eyes of terrorists who have given up reason for ideology, or as they would probably believe, for God.
      Passion comes in many flavors. The two masks of drama, comedy and tragedy, were derived from the worship of the god Dionysus. As a god associated with wine, his followers were naturally passionate and prone to dramatic action.
      But passion is too irrational. To love or hate from within a feeling of passion causes over action.
      I suggest that acting from a position of calm commitment based on responsibility and transparency would be better than passion.
      • Jul 22 2012: Well said, Jon. Passion and temperance.
  • W Chan

    • 0
    Jul 17 2012: Is that a serious question? ... of course!
  • thumb
    Jul 17 2012: LOts of Laughter & a serious SENSE of HUMOR! ;)
    • thumb
      Jul 19 2012: Darina, I LOVE this idea! Yes, Yes, Yes!!!
  • thumb
    Jul 17 2012: To move past wishful thinking, basic human nature has never changed. The good must continually fight against the bad. The only long lasting systemic changes have been achieved by technology (for example agriculture and medicine) or better social / political / economic systems (such as the rune of law or democracy). Technology is rapidly improving, but with better social practices it is already adequate to make the world a much better place. What the world need now is better social systems that provide a better method of democratic self government. Our present democratic process is inadequate to deal with our present problems. It is overly influenced by money, power and very shallow analysis by uninformed masses of people. It is more like a trial by mob than a public jury trial. Tribunocray is to present democracy what a jury trial is to trial by mob. Tribunocracy is what the world most needs now, see:
  • thumb
    Jul 17 2012: Truth, Logic and Empathy
  • thumb
    Jul 17 2012: What The World Needs Now Is:

    Unconditional Love For Our Fellow Human Beings.
    The Elimination Of The Term "National Self-Interest".
    The Elimination Of Condescension.
    More Scientific Exploration.
    World Leadership That Comes From A Context Of Ethics And Love, Rather Than Power And Domination.
  • Jul 17 2012: patience.
  • Jul 17 2012: think different
  • thumb
    Jul 17 2012: Creative minds, and no misguided souls.
  • thumb
    Jul 17 2012: wisdom
  • Jul 17 2012: Empathy.

    (hoho, just saw it was in the topics of the conversation, happy i'm not alone to think that)
  • thumb
    Jul 17 2012: Promised savior...
  • Jul 16 2012: To say that the world needs something in particular is too big. It's too big of an idea. It's too big and too vague. The world needs hope? Hope for what?

    I think there are small changes that each individual person could adopt that would and could change the whole world. And I think that change is the ability and willingness to understand other people. If we can stop for a second, and imagine what it must be like to be someone else, maybe we will stop judging, hating, and fighting. I believe in the good of people, and most people act reasonably. It may not seem reasonable to us though, unless we stop for a second and consider their influences and motivations. If we can do this, we can break down walls.
    • thumb
      Jul 17 2012: Small changes which have the power to change the world - sounds big and great to me.
      • Jul 22 2012: I wish all the people in this world think that way.
  • Jul 16 2012: FAITH that we wont die this year 2012 XD
  • thumb
    Jul 16 2012: A secular approach to everything.

    If we remove religion from political decisions and actions, many wars could be prevented before their initial disagreement gets off the ground. This certainly isn't the solution to everything, but I think if everybody could check their religion at the door when it comes to communication and cooperation with others, we would make a lot more progress a whole lot faster.
  • thumb
    Jul 16 2012: A better bathroom.
  • Jul 15 2012: faith in God

    we can experience progress in all the things listed below. only if we have faith. and for this range, faith in myself is definitely not enough
    • thumb

      Gail .

      • +2
      Jul 15 2012: Perhaps - but certainly not faith in the God of Abraham - who has been the cause of more cruelty and inhumanity than any other God in recorded history. Which God should we have faith in to fix all that is broken due to faith in "God"?
  • thumb
    Jul 14 2012: Hi Jinlei
    Well put.
    I often see the younger generation sitting in cafes completely ignoring each other busily on there phones. I have noticed in social settings that people who feel uncomfortable go to there phone for protection I know myself I have done it.

    The youth of today are often uncomfortable with proper eye contact during face to face contact.

    We can share our inner most thoughts and feeling to people we have never met on the other side of the world but struggle to ask how our neighbour is.

    What will become of it all?
  • Jul 14 2012: Perhaps for some this might be useful: the earliest historical use of the ____ I have found was in Hammuraby's code, part of Babilon's legilsation in those times. Reading it links into integrating it with Judaic culture, Greece and its myths, and other cultures in that timeline.

    How I came about it/used it.
    Watching/Following internet mediatized worldwide events, I experienced strong cuffs/bracelet feelings on both my arms. Nature of senzation is strong enough for uncomfortability, yet weird enough not to fit in any of medicine's commonly known symptomatics. Seeing a magazine picture of climbing hooks/tools as arm extensions helped relieve the intensity of that unpleasant feeling. (I kept thinking bracelets, slighty Peter Pan's Captain Hook, but the feeling had a clear mind association with tight cuffs). For some reason, thinking about tablets connected my curiosity if there were any more Codes in ancient times besides the Ten Commandments, and with research I found Hammuraby's and more. Though apparently cruel, is yet another system for some order in apparently barbaric or overly-liberal times/region. Sadly, there were bruising and teeth incidents at work, others and myself included, while I was reading and immersed in observing such connections in the living culture dialect around, in an enviroment with low wages and no dental subsidy.
    Awareness of that code dissipated the cuffs/arm grabs/bracelets/whatever it was impression completely, uptodate.

    Just to clarify, I am commenting/writing on the use of ____, and not on the "what the world needs" question.
  • thumb
    Jul 14 2012: Unity
  • Jul 14 2012: a wakeup call. Read my posts on other topics and this use as well to see what the world needs to think like.
  • Jul 14 2012: Equal Distribution of Power and Wealth to every country in this World.
    • Jul 14 2012: ok first of all when you say "this world" you sound like a douche. Second, that would be terrible. If that happened, there would have to be a head of countries. Equality doesn't work. Outvoting 49% to 51% on something would cost a lot of lives. The world is huge and has a lot of countries. The power would be stretched out too thin. There are some countries who's populations don't reach 4 digits. they would have as much power as, say, India. But, since there are fewer people, those individuals would have much more power than any single person in India. It opens too many gateways to war death famine and corruption. The global economy works fine. We just need people to accept it and stop pretending that change is a big deal and needs to happen. Business have worked the way they have for thousands of years because it's the best way. Technology changes, so systems change, but the principals are the same.
      • Jul 14 2012: I rarely see these kind of arguments anymore. Don't be offended, but your viewpoints sound American? May i ask what you need power for? Your statement about how well the global economy is doing, surprises me. How does the global economy deal with providing food and shelter for everyone? How does it deal with all the global environmental issues? How [pick one]? Economist are seeing that economy are moving from consumer-products to service products. How do you think that transition will go? What happens when everybody pays interest to everybody else - where does the money go?

        Patents/money hinders poor people getting nessesary medicine. Cool?
        Ownership prevents people from trying out other society-models. Cool?
        The products cycle and their short lifespan are extremely inefficient. Cool?
        Companies lie/cheat and manipulate people for their own needs. Cool?
        Economy has the characteristics of Chaos theory. Unpredictability. Cool?

        Well, this could have been a long reply, but this sentence:
        "Business have worked the way they have for thousands of years because it's the best way."
        made me look at your profile. I can see that you are fairly young (and American) That doesn't mean that your opinion necessarily is faulty, but we learn our whole lives and it doesn't sound like you really know that much about the history of money, how it works or what the alternatives are. If you are not to offended, then i would recommend a few evenings roaming the documentary-sites out there for material on economy/money. You may hate them, but your viewpoint will get more nuanced and perhaps more realistic.
        • thumb

          Gail .

          • 0
          Jul 15 2012: Americans have learned - in their compulsory educations - that equality means something different than equality. We believe that all are equal, but some must be more equal than others for society to survive. It's the same way with slavery. We have learned to call that which is slavery, our freedom, so we defend it at all costs. Paul equates equality with democracy without even knowing that in a world where equality reigned, democracy wouldn't look like inequality. Paul hasn't learned about how the global economic system works because he has been lied to about it, as well as about American history.

          First things first - make education FUN and make it a HOBBY. Make it HONEST - ending the lies of omission and the lies of commission. Then solutions that escape the Pauls of this world will be obvious to all.
        • Jul 16 2012: Thanks, Gail. And I hope I didn't offend you with my first sentence, Abbas. It was a joke in the youthful american sense of humor.
          And Simon, what I meant was that since the Agricultural Revolution, the basic skeletal structure of buying and selling goods and services has been the same. The specifics changed to deal with the new markets of goods and the services that accompany them, but the idea has always been a trade-based economy with someone controlling where everything goes. Let's use a hypothetical to describe what I think would happen if every country in the world had equal power:

          First of all, each country would use someone (either the regular Head of State or a rep.) to voice what their country has to say in whatever group of people forms to get together and decide what to do with the world. Now, if there are a hundred starving third world countries, and six large, prosperous countries that produce food as a main export, these third world countries would outnumber the larger countries 100 to 6, when any one of those six hold more people than the 100 combined. Which means, the poor countries would be able to outvote the 6 prosperous countries easily, getting them plenty of food. This would be a disaster for the 6 large countries, because their food export would greatly decline. The poor countries would not be able to contribute back to the world economy what they are taking, which leads to a substantial loss of money for the 6 large countries. Equality is doom. A perfect example of this is the first draft of the American Constitution known as the Articles of Confederation. If you want to know what would happen if every country had equal power, look into how that document worked. A global society full of independent states would not be able to be united under one flag, nor share power equally. The reason that the global economy is tanking now isn't because of unbalanced power, it's unwise spending. Equal power would just bring more of that.
  • thumb
    Jul 13 2012: Thank you very much Sir....
  • thumb
    Jul 13 2012: In one word 'GOOD Leadership'
  • Jul 13 2012: more open minded tolerance taught in religion from childhood instead of children being shunned for asking for a logical answer when one exists and logical co-productive material conservative expansion on what weve already built instead of complacency with what no longer works correctly
  • Jul 13 2012: dig out the ideass from innovative mind coz lot of them r buried due to lack of focus
    • thumb

      Gail .

      • 0
      Jul 15 2012: Studies show that the innovative mind is educated out of us by the tiime we are in high school. It's not lack of focus. It's lack of relevence.

      Our educational systems were established by industrialists, in the image of industry, and for the benefit of commerce. Now that manufacturing is on the decline because of automation, our educational systems that turn us into "worker bees" is no longer adequate. Unless one has glimpsed an idea that we were programmed not to even see, one remains functionally uneducated with no ability to use even the most minimal of cognitive abilities.
  • Jul 13 2012: Fusion energy.
  • Jul 11 2012: to back
  • thumb
    Jul 9 2012: to become one with the borg. not realy, because that would take out indivudualism and would be boring. The world needs one understanding, yet still having 7 billion+ different perspectives. Creating inovation and creativity, equal consumers and producers.
    • thumb
      Jul 9 2012: Will we all fit in a cube? Where is Locquatious when you need him? Jean-Luc! Jean-Luc!
  • thumb
    Jul 9 2012: What the World needs now is ___ Love? And a world community, not just a random gathering of 7 -/++++ billion bodies but a community with a collective conscientiousness, collective goals (end hunger, wars, provide basic housing for everyone etc), and of course World Law... by science based law makers I hope, a World Peace Force, a World Court, etc.
  • MR T

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    Jul 7 2012: Less cats, they're killing off our wildlife.
    • thumb
      Jul 8 2012: Some guy who worked with my daughter thought it was a great joke to run over her cat (without any awareness it was her cat) not long after her father left us. She found out just who did it and how it happened as he bragged at work about intentionally hitting her defenseless cat. What is it with some men and their anymousity to cats? That one was a major key to my daughter's coping with a terrible blow and some guy thinks that it is OK to create a cowardly new sport: cat vs. auto? Do these guys ever consider what this might mean to the owner?
      Additionally, a male friend called with great joy the other day -because his only sister who is dying of ovarian cancer just got a rescue cat from the humaine society. The cat brought her such joy that she looked and felt well.
      PS I have no cats, even though that jerk who killed my daughter's cat did so more than five years ago and he thought that he could offer to buy a kitten as a replacement.
      • MR T

        • 0
        Jul 8 2012: Hey Debra I'm afraid my animosity towards cats is backed up by a lot of evidence. As house pets in such numbers they are not a natural part of our ecology here in Britain, they kill millions of our native birds and small mammals every year, mostly just for fun. This is a story that is pushing many other species to extinction worldwide, like the Kakapo in New Zealand.

        One of the best things for conservation that could be done in the UK is to prohibit the future sale and breeding of house cats as pets. Get dogs instead, they are much better for our environment.
        • thumb
          Jul 9 2012: Thank you for your response and for the information. It bears thinking about.
          Woof to you Mr, T!
  • Jul 7 2012: A destruct button.
  • Jul 6 2012: haha i must be a cynical old man - and I'm still in my 20s!
  • Jul 5 2012: Is it just me, or does anyone else cringe whenever someone mentions "peace"?
  • Jul 3 2012: Because every time the turtle moves the earth shakes
    • thumb
      Jul 5 2012: Please help me understand this, Chuck.
  • J M

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    Jul 2 2012: "What is possible that we are now failing to imagine?"

    Bio tech (to make everyone the same and equally fed/sexed etc [or unneedful of those mechanics]) and the understanding of why utopias never work (eg greed impulse gets selected as easily as need impulse).
  • Jul 1 2012: What the World needs now is ... some intelligent people. I mean people smart enough to tell all of the stupid ones to go back to school and pay attention this time. Think about it, how many people believe the world is flat - because they've been told "the world is flat".
    • thumb
      Jul 3 2012: They have also been told that it was round. Why did they actively choose the fomrer?
  • Jul 1 2012: A (legal, legitimate and democratic) solution on population growth.
    • J M

      • 0
      Jul 1 2012: '(legal, legitimate and democratic)"

      Define any of that.

      Especially "legitimate".
      • Jul 2 2012: Legal: accoding to local established rules;
        Democratic: a decision based on people's government...
        Legitimate: which participation is (really) assured, and human and individual rights fully respected.

        something like that...
        • thumb
          Jul 3 2012: As an unapologetic Morherf of 5 people who lives ina countr y that needs imimigration to survive.I respectfully disagree. This might be true of some nation but not mine.
  • thumb
    Jun 30 2012: Participatory Democracy
    • J M

      • 0
      Jul 1 2012: As filtered by gene therapy or eugenics. FTFY.
    • thumb
      Jul 3 2012: Accent on 'participatory"! YES!
  • thumb
    Jun 30 2012: Humanity Morals and kill the ignorance and discrimination cultures.
    • thumb
      Jul 3 2012: Most of us think that cultures should survive to see the errors of their ways. I am glad no one killed off my culture in its primative stages.
      • thumb
        Jul 4 2012: maybe i misused the word kill, the thing is i really would love to see a world that appreciate humans for being humans, you cannot imagine how irritating is to see a world based on poor vs rich, Christians vs Jewish vs Muslims, etc ... my dream or lets say a fairy dream is to have an earth were we are just humans despite any believes or ideology we adopt. its like eliminating the bad sides of the above and keeping the bright and good one.

        i don't know how much convincing is my thought, but i would love to hear what people think of such debate.
        • thumb
          Jul 4 2012: Hi Ayd!
          Thanks for clarifying your point. it helps me understand better. I agree that dividing people is a poor idea and finding commonalities is important. Please do not give up on it as a fairy dream, though. I live in Canada and most of my life's history has been lived in a place where your dream is a reality or at least a cherished ideal. We are human so differences still stand out more than they should but we have excellent human rights legislation in my opinion that keeps us mostly on track toward fulfilling that ideal.
  • thumb
    Jun 30 2012: fundamentals on living a beautiful life .
  • thumb
    Jun 30 2012: Thank you, Sartaj, for this question. A thought just struck me. It would be interesting to ask this question of five-year-olds. (They often make connections we don't think of.)
  • Jun 30 2012: now apparently red states have banned scientists from using certain words describing, and mathematical methods of determining, rising seal levels and global warming in an attempt to stop them.

    You must now call rising sea levels, "recurrent flooding."

    its getting out of hand and the media isnt reporting most of it.
  • thumb
    Jun 30 2012: A penalty of Peace,Patience and Love.
  • Jun 30 2012: fewer experts and their blind followers and more dedicated, earth smart people running the show.
  • Jun 30 2012: Robot. In my view, the only difference between ages is technology. Except of it, everything is same. The next item will be Robot. Of course, it would be not classic one but a quite new one with a very different concept. With it, our next generation will see easily what our generation can see hardly.
    • thumb
      Jun 30 2012: Sanyobi Mulberry

      I would hope that the robot sees the whole planet and has an understanding of how we can live well.

      Please excuse my weak attempt at understanding your name. The first part is the best I can show in my alphabet what it sounds like. The next word is what Google translator said it meant. "Two Mulberry Leaves"
  • thumb
    Jun 30 2012: Patience. In my view, our civilization is too much passionate about how to manipulate NATURE. When it comes to self-control, our MOTHER lost it completely. We know that when mom is angry our family as a whole is in trouble. We will see that sooner or later.
    • thumb
      Jun 30 2012: To continue your metaphor, when our mother lost it, it was because we have been spoiled by her generosity, so I think we might best apply that patience in cleaning up our own mess. And by finding different ways to play so that we don't present such a danger to ourselves, others, and our future.

      Even the best hunches (gestating innovations) are slow to mature. Patience will tell us when we've got it right.
  • Jun 30 2012: less greed. Unfortunately, it seems many people of all stripes will become the greedy ones if presented the chance. Look what happened to the banks and the stock market when deregulation took place. And trickle down economics turned out to be a joke. Companies will pay only what they have to; it takes laws or the threat of unions to make companies pay decent wages. It seems most people only seem to be concerned about these issues until it hits them personally. Stockholders are the true rulers of the world.
  • Jun 29 2012: If they weren't serious it'd be fun hehe. Im so shocked and horrified by this I can't even find the words.
  • thumb
    Jun 29 2012: pure humans....
  • Jun 29 2012: Honesty.
    Somehow I feel that we're never quite going to get there. There are too many people in Capatalist societies who benefit from deception. People aren't willing to slide down the ladder of success in the name of honesty.
    • thumb
      Jun 29 2012: Hey Dan! I think the above could use a couple of qualifiers. you are right that "some" people are not but I submit that you might have already met a few here on TED who are not. At least, i promise that my words are not just words.
      • Jun 29 2012: How about:
        Politicians, Lawyers, Wall Street Investors, the people who tell us our soldiers are fighting for our freedom, advertisers who want to sell us things that kill us, drug companies manufacturing problems and then selling us the solutions to those problems.The media which panders to advertising dollars. Dishonesty is all around us. You need to take an active stand just to try to get to the bottom of what is really going on. Honesty should be a given. Instead it's something that is rarely found in our daily lives. The further down the socio-economic spectrum you look, the more you will see people being lied to.
        • thumb
          Jun 29 2012: You are right, but what's nice is to find more and more people like you and many of those who write here. The change has already started : anyone can think and write like you do without being jailed or called "idiot". It just takes time for this new trend to become the norm.

          Maybe too much time..

          But don't give up ! That would slow down the changing that's happening to the world.. It has already happened to some of us, that's all !
        • thumb
          Jun 29 2012: Dear Dan and Thomas,
          What a fascinating exchange. Thanks guys!
  • Jun 28 2012: thanks didn't know it exists a movement about this.
  • thumb
    Jun 27 2012: World needs a Michael Jackson again.... but now world only can loose....
  • Jun 27 2012: is to remember the reason of this life which is to worship Allah, the almighty God.

    People got caught in life and the never ending chase for money possession and satisfying their desires without being thankful to God for even being alive for new day. God instructed and taught people on how to live on this earth and build it, as God created it and knows best what helps it to be in its perfect form. And as far we get from God's intructions as chaotic and scared we will get.
    • thumb
      Jun 29 2012: It could be ! ..But it's hard to prove that to someone who already believes someone or something else..

      I don't think religions are a real issue. Any modern god says more or less the same thing to his believers : live and love in peace..

      But what to do when people do not believe that living peacefully is all they have to do?

      We can't force them, because they are already fettered.. Their god may be called mr.$€£¥, or mr.Dept or mr.X, I'm not sure replacing it with another One is the solution, although I admit it would be better than nothing, but I'm wary of named solutions, even "Allah" or "Christ" : those have been already used to justify too many deaths for me.

      That been said, as I know religion is a serious thing, i hope I didn't hurt your feelings with my words.. Peace~ø:)
      • Jun 29 2012: (a)
        Your opinion cannot hurt anyone beside yourself because it’s an image of you not me to start with. And if you think that religions are not the real issue then in my opinion this is a serious misunderstanding. Religions as briefly as I could explain are laws from God, so as important as to follow your country's laws, is to follow your religion's.

        Meaning, people derive their intentions and control their actions in regards to the laws, you can imagine without a law system how life could be, as I see you not an ignorant person. However, in some situations or places when law is absent, people commit many crimes and not even crimes but mistakes that in public they won’t commit. Religions come to help establish this internal control on one's actions even when you know there is nobody around, and even when the law in this country can’t catch you for punishment but you know that God eyes see you every time everywhere and you cannot escape God punishment, so you think twice.

        Establishment of something called conscience, that’s what religion mainly does beside that it helps establish true sense of what is right and wrong away from human whims, opinions or fantasies. And regarding those people you mentioned who seem not to be able to live peacefully and do not believe in God, I would like to remind you that not all those who live within a country feel a sense of patriotism toward their country or are satisfied with the laws but we don’t hear from them, why? Because they know that there is one form of justice in any matter even if they didn’t like it, they can’t deny it and not because they are respectful to the system, it’s just because they are obligated to, that’s what cause order.
      • Jun 29 2012: (b)
        People tend to follow their feelings and you can imagine the variety of people personalities which are affected by childhood and many other social and diversified reasons. So to depend on these feelings to save and control the world I believe is the most senseless idea humanity would do. I know that people want to live as they want in this life have fun , get rich and “we” live in peace and go without caring about others, but this is not how it’s supposed to be, this kind of selfish mentalist is causing suffer for others and as result not a fair system.

        I think I understand your point of view and I would like to tell you that we Muslims are the most people who suffer from all forms of torture; intellectually, physically, socially and politically beside wars, side by side with dark skinned people (they were called black people). If we discussed this logically these two kinds of people didn’t commit any sins, however, went through a lot, why? Because of racism. It was a whole country against “black people” and if the laws of people were always right, that would’ve never happened although there were great mentalities out there but didn’t help, so these laws are always questioned because they are created by people (feelings, beliefs and opinions).

        on the other hand, If people followed the religion, they will understand that there is no difference between people in regards of their sex, color, religion and race and If someone made a crime he is responsible of his own actions and get punished alone, not the whole religion followers or people of d the same race or color. Those black pages in history would‘ve never happened. If they really understood the religion, they would treat everyone from humanity point of view not the other things I mentioned. And the reason of that is that God the Almighty is not controlled by desires and He is the justice and his justice works in everyone because he created everyone equally. With this mentality I think the world in peace
      • Jun 29 2012: I could go on presenting more points but I think I presented what makes the idea clear.
        • thumb
          Jun 29 2012: Thank you for your answer !

          You are be right, some people do harm to others when no law enforce them to be right.

          I also agree with you that racism is a serious issue humanity has to address. The xenophobia is a phobia that must be treated. I think the best treatment is xenophilia : those who have no fear of the other should show the timorous his fear is nonsens.

          I agree a religion can help people to stop fearing, so I agree religion can be a good thing. But, I don't think the whole world can share one religion, neither it can speak one langage.. at least not now..

          There is another issue : a religion is an idea, you gave a good explanation of that idea : it is love, or at least respect of anyone, even the non believer. But we see every day people killing in the name of a religion.

          It is the same issue with capitalism, although it says "every one can be rich", most people get poorer and poorer, thanks to the monetary-dept enslaving system driven by a few bad boys.

          Maybe if UN was saying "ok, now god is proven, his name is whomever you want to call him, but he his real and knows everything you do, anytime, anywhere, with anybody", the world would finally be peaceful, IF everybody believes the UN!

          So, the issue with religion, at least for me, is that believing is mandatory for them to be efficient (to bring peace and enlightenment). This is tautology : it is either a virtuous circle, or a vicious one.. Of course, I see an issue on the global scale, at the individual level, it all depends of who is the believer, he can be wise, like you are, or mad like a few are..

          Well, at least one thing is sure : religions are a serious issue and/or solution ;-)

          I think some atheist are a bit naïve when we they try to oppose science and god : both needs a few people to believe, both can make great things, both can make horrible things. This is why I'm trying to find a way to cure the human xenophobia, which is THE BIG ISSUE, without relying on belief, just by logical poetry!
    • Jun 30 2012: All certainty is the enemy of humanity. If you are certain that your belief is the one truth, you can be certain the other guy's belief is a total fallacy. Then you suddenly have the right, if not the duty, to force him to change his belief, or kill him if he refuses to.
    • Jul 8 2012: this is the 21st century, there is NO GOD. when religion is finally seen for the sham that it is the world will be a better place
  • Jun 27 2012: demographic control. We're too many and this planet can not sustain all of us.
    • thumb
      Jun 28 2012: go here
      • Jul 8 2012: Thank You, a great website that should be constantly promoted
    • thumb
      Jun 29 2012: hmm..
      #1 : we don't know how many we are, it's all statistics :

      We may be 7 or 3.5 or 14 billions. It is just like when a demonstration happened : those who made the march say they where 1000, the police say 500. Who do you believe ? Who is making the number ? The truth is that except for maybe 1 billion people living in countries with enough time to do proper census, we don't have a clue of how many we are.

      #2 : if we are really 7e9 humans, and the current growth is really 2.45 children/women, it is just enough !

      Some demographers even think this is not enough to keep the human on board.. I don't know.. What I know, is that the earth is young and has vast unused places where we could live. We don't have to follow the vegetation (earth albedo -> climate), we can make it happen where we want to !

      Being 7 billions is perfect ! Now we can make this whole planet green and blue ! If we want to, if we don't wait for someone else to tell us to do. We can live here, peacefully, now..

      #Botton line : stop thinking suicide is our only hope, or you'll do it ø:)

      ps.Of course your post may be a joke, but who knows ?
    • Jul 8 2012: I agree the worlds no.1 problem is overpopulation. everything else is futile without reducing our numbers.
      too many fighting for too little will only increase tensions and environmental destruction
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    Jun 27 2012: peace , ray of hope from all the commotion going on currently because this is what I believe is lacking in today's world.
  • thumb
    Jun 27 2012: if weapons don't exist, it will be better
    • J M

      • 0
      Jun 27 2012: No such thing as a world without "weapons".

      Even space loners would compete if they came across limited resources(and energy is finite --fact one). The competition would select for coalition/multi cellularism all over again (ie the space loners would confederalize and specialize/diversify), ala the universe's *emergent properties* phenom.

      The individuals will lose vs the coalitions if in _direct_ competition (ie fighting over same stuff). (Some individuals may survive in the shadows of the calorie conversion rates of the coalitions--just like in the rest of nature. Ie some jackals survive the pack hunters as small low calorie creatures under the big boys' radar.)

      Any method of victory --direct or indirect-- tool-use or no-- would be the "weapons".
      • thumb
        Jun 27 2012: Tell that to our war dead.
        • J M

          • 0
          Jun 27 2012: Um, that's a response to my statement that competition and consequent "weapons" are inevitable?
  • Jun 26 2012: What the World needs now is DISCONNECTION.
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      Jun 26 2012: Please share more of this thought with us, Tushar, if you are still connected.
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    Jun 26 2012: END !!!
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    Jun 26 2012: I think that we have to try to respect ourselves and everybody, after we have to try to love ourselves then we can give love to th rest.
    • thumb
      Jun 26 2012: And keep our hands and weapons to ourselves!
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    Jun 26 2012: A great big bill from God for all the damage we've done to his/her property...
    • thumb
      Jun 26 2012: That might certainly speak the langauge of some of the corporate folks.
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    Jun 26 2012: Since love is already said, I would say the world needs motivation.
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    Jun 25 2012: a fairer society via leveling the value of contributions of individuals.

    For more detail please check out this link on WordPress:
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    Jeff L

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    Jun 25 2012: A new beginning. A new way to see it all......
  • Jun 24 2012: a credit card?
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    Jun 24 2012: Financial Literacy!
  • Jun 24 2012: Love. "So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love."
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    Jun 24 2012: Honesty
  • thumb
    Jun 24 2012: An ennema
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    Jun 23 2012: TOLERANCE