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Fill in the Blank - What the World needs now is __________ ?

The World is shaped by our common aspirations and it is through our everyday actions that we provide tacit approval to our reality.

Try to answer this question objectively and share your thoughts to help co-create our Future.


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    Sarah M

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    Jul 12 2012: Community spirit. Elderly die and are not found until months later. People are attacked and no one comes to there aid. People dont know there neighbours anymore. What happened ?
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      Jul 14 2012: hi Sarah, i am in favor of your point. as we all know, the rapid development of technology like the Internet seems make people get closer to each other than before.for example, people from all over the worldl like us are able to interact with each other easily at any time, which is totally beyond our imagenation in the past. but at the same time we intend to ignore the people just around us, our neighours and even our family. i believe the friendly communications with the guys in our daily life will make us feel more comfortable and more happy. so pay more attention to community spirit is really a good way to help us deal with the increasingly pressure we face.

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