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Fill in the Blank - What the World needs now is __________ ?

The World is shaped by our common aspirations and it is through our everyday actions that we provide tacit approval to our reality.

Try to answer this question objectively and share your thoughts to help co-create our Future.


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  • Jul 5 2012: Everyone here [most] is talking about peace and to how stop wars and such. And new ideas to create great things. But what we really need is values [morals] . If you look at the world we currently live in- this new generation, it will surprise you how we have lost the old ways, the old teachings.
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      Jul 5 2012: OK Michel, which set of values and morals would you choose and why?
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      Jul 18 2012: The old ways like in the old testament where God encourages genocides and the proper way to treat slaves? Civilization has come a long way. I agree that in some aspects we need to look back for guidance, but we can not go backward on many other issues. Morality and values evolve with our society. We learn that the majority is not always correct in their thinking. Take a look at utilitarianism and Kantian ethics and you'll see a way to move forward while strengthening morality. Peter Singer is another great place to look.

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