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Fill in the Blank - What the World needs now is __________ ?

The World is shaped by our common aspirations and it is through our everyday actions that we provide tacit approval to our reality.

Try to answer this question objectively and share your thoughts to help co-create our Future.


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  • Jun 27 2012: is to remember the reason of this life which is to worship Allah, the almighty God.

    People got caught in life and the never ending chase for money possession and satisfying their desires without being thankful to God for even being alive for new day. God instructed and taught people on how to live on this earth and build it, as God created it and knows best what helps it to be in its perfect form. And as far we get from God's intructions as chaotic and scared we will get.
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      Jun 29 2012: It could be ! ..But it's hard to prove that to someone who already believes someone or something else..

      I don't think religions are a real issue. Any modern god says more or less the same thing to his believers : live and love in peace..

      But what to do when people do not believe that living peacefully is all they have to do?

      We can't force them, because they are already fettered.. Their god may be called mr.$€£¥, or mr.Dept or mr.X, I'm not sure replacing it with another One is the solution, although I admit it would be better than nothing, but I'm wary of named solutions, even "Allah" or "Christ" : those have been already used to justify too many deaths for me.

      That been said, as I know religion is a serious thing, i hope I didn't hurt your feelings with my words.. Peace~ø:)
      • Jun 29 2012: (a)
        Your opinion cannot hurt anyone beside yourself because it’s an image of you not me to start with. And if you think that religions are not the real issue then in my opinion this is a serious misunderstanding. Religions as briefly as I could explain are laws from God, so as important as to follow your country's laws, is to follow your religion's.

        Meaning, people derive their intentions and control their actions in regards to the laws, you can imagine without a law system how life could be, as I see you not an ignorant person. However, in some situations or places when law is absent, people commit many crimes and not even crimes but mistakes that in public they won’t commit. Religions come to help establish this internal control on one's actions even when you know there is nobody around, and even when the law in this country can’t catch you for punishment but you know that God eyes see you every time everywhere and you cannot escape God punishment, so you think twice.

        Establishment of something called conscience, that’s what religion mainly does beside that it helps establish true sense of what is right and wrong away from human whims, opinions or fantasies. And regarding those people you mentioned who seem not to be able to live peacefully and do not believe in God, I would like to remind you that not all those who live within a country feel a sense of patriotism toward their country or are satisfied with the laws but we don’t hear from them, why? Because they know that there is one form of justice in any matter even if they didn’t like it, they can’t deny it and not because they are respectful to the system, it’s just because they are obligated to, that’s what cause order.
      • Jun 29 2012: (b)
        People tend to follow their feelings and you can imagine the variety of people personalities which are affected by childhood and many other social and diversified reasons. So to depend on these feelings to save and control the world I believe is the most senseless idea humanity would do. I know that people want to live as they want in this life have fun , get rich and “we” live in peace and go without caring about others, but this is not how it’s supposed to be, this kind of selfish mentalist is causing suffer for others and as result not a fair system.

        I think I understand your point of view and I would like to tell you that we Muslims are the most people who suffer from all forms of torture; intellectually, physically, socially and politically beside wars, side by side with dark skinned people (they were called black people). If we discussed this logically these two kinds of people didn’t commit any sins, however, went through a lot, why? Because of racism. It was a whole country against “black people” and if the laws of people were always right, that would’ve never happened although there were great mentalities out there but didn’t help, so these laws are always questioned because they are created by people (feelings, beliefs and opinions).

        on the other hand, If people followed the religion, they will understand that there is no difference between people in regards of their sex, color, religion and race and If someone made a crime he is responsible of his own actions and get punished alone, not the whole religion followers or people of d the same race or color. Those black pages in history would‘ve never happened. If they really understood the religion, they would treat everyone from humanity point of view not the other things I mentioned. And the reason of that is that God the Almighty is not controlled by desires and He is the justice and his justice works in everyone because he created everyone equally. With this mentality I think the world in peace
      • Jun 29 2012: I could go on presenting more points but I think I presented what makes the idea clear.
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          Jun 29 2012: Thank you for your answer !

          You are be right, some people do harm to others when no law enforce them to be right.

          I also agree with you that racism is a serious issue humanity has to address. The xenophobia is a phobia that must be treated. I think the best treatment is xenophilia : those who have no fear of the other should show the timorous his fear is nonsens.

          I agree a religion can help people to stop fearing, so I agree religion can be a good thing. But, I don't think the whole world can share one religion, neither it can speak one langage.. at least not now..

          There is another issue : a religion is an idea, you gave a good explanation of that idea : it is love, or at least respect of anyone, even the non believer. But we see every day people killing in the name of a religion.

          It is the same issue with capitalism, although it says "every one can be rich", most people get poorer and poorer, thanks to the monetary-dept enslaving system driven by a few bad boys.

          Maybe if UN was saying "ok, now god is proven, his name is whomever you want to call him, but he his real and knows everything you do, anytime, anywhere, with anybody", the world would finally be peaceful, IF everybody believes the UN!

          So, the issue with religion, at least for me, is that believing is mandatory for them to be efficient (to bring peace and enlightenment). This is tautology : it is either a virtuous circle, or a vicious one.. Of course, I see an issue on the global scale, at the individual level, it all depends of who is the believer, he can be wise, like you are, or mad like a few are..

          Well, at least one thing is sure : religions are a serious issue and/or solution ;-)

          I think some atheist are a bit naïve when we they try to oppose science and god : both needs a few people to believe, both can make great things, both can make horrible things. This is why I'm trying to find a way to cure the human xenophobia, which is THE BIG ISSUE, without relying on belief, just by logical poetry!
    • Jun 30 2012: All certainty is the enemy of humanity. If you are certain that your belief is the one truth, you can be certain the other guy's belief is a total fallacy. Then you suddenly have the right, if not the duty, to force him to change his belief, or kill him if he refuses to.
    • Jul 8 2012: this is the 21st century, there is NO GOD. when religion is finally seen for the sham that it is the world will be a better place

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