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Is it possible to feel the same emotions we get from music from a painting or drawing?

Listening to music can move us emotionally in profound ways. Sounds can change our moods, bring us to a place of nostalgia, make us visualize stories/dreams, transporting us to other worlds to the point where we can experience chills.

A painting or a drawing can move us profoundly as well but does it move us in the same way? Can it?

Are we moved more easily by what we hear than what we see?

If you've seen a painting or drawing that has moved you in a similar way as music please share which one it was. Thank you.


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    Jun 27 2012: Yes, you make a lot of sense.
    I'm an artist myself and have often wondered whether we as humans are more moved or affected by music or visual arts as a form of expression, which is why I am curious to read what others might think.
    Thank you for your response Salim.

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