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OK! So we have found alien lives and they too can communicate. What next?

Suppose we are able to have our first communication with the alien world.

What would be the next thing our scientist want to do based on the following 3 scenarios:

They are

1. less capable than us
2. very similar to our culture
3. more intelligent than us

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    Jun 22 2012: Less capable, teach them
    Similar, share ideas
    More intelligent, get a peace treaty then ask to be taught
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    Jul 21 2012: 1. If they are less capable than us, our scientists would try to teach them a few things. To 'upgrade' them.

    2. If they are very similar to us our scientists would try to learn the similarities, and the differences.

    3.If they are more intelligent than us then scientists would figure out how they could upgrade us.

    But for most of us, we would just offer them a hug like Debra Smith hinted.
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    Jul 21 2012: Ask if they want a hug?
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    Jul 20 2012: First contact responses after mutually efficient communication is established (months, maybe years, or maybe they show up already versed in some human language):

    1. less capable than us...we hem and haw, but finally decide not to subjugate or exploit them - we've come that far, at least. We open neutral dialog, withholding our full capabilities. We feel them out and either become wholly non-committal or initiate low-tech trade. If the latter we may decide to elevate them incrementally, but probably not fully to our own level. We retain the option of effective hostility to the far back burner.

    2. very similar to our culture...we meet as respectful equals, each with something unique and valuable to offer the other, but only after a long time of exploring the nature of one another. We might be strangers passing in the stellar night, best buds, or some middle area.

    3. more intelligent than us...we adopt the alien role as described in #1, assuming we are not entirely subjugated. At the hopeful worst we develop trade and get the short end of the stick. At best we enter a new era of peaceful enlightenment.

    The reality probably won't have anything to do with any of that, but to speculate is to preplan alternatives - not a bad idea.
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    Jun 22 2012: We would first have to work on decoding their language which is likely not going to be a language from earth. After that, we would just have to try and keep in touch with them until we can develop of have developed interstellar flight that is fast and efficient. Well, we could reach a nearby system in around or a little more than a human lifetime with a nuclear pulse drive which is entirely possible by today's technology. But, I doubt that will happen. It is also clear that there is no intelligent life within a hundred light years of earth, so this isn't a likely scenario.
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    Jun 22 2012: I feel we will act same way as human civilization did through out its history....... tribe / nation / country that is less capable the perceived equal tribe / nation / country
    ......with tribe / nation / country that is more powerful may be intelligent as well.

    Technologically we progressed a lot so far....but could we make enough progress with our basic instincts really ?
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    Jun 22 2012: Humanity has been transmitting for 100 years, if were being called back tomorrow were 50 years appart, to them it would take 100 years to get our response over.
    50 lightyears would be at our doorstep, don't get me wrong but what does humanity do 100 years from now, we would have solved our current problems, created unthinkable ones, skipped two or three generations, realy what's there to say besides "Hi".