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Running a Government by Optimizing one person at a time.

When you prepare food for your family, you wont prepare food and keep it in the kitchen and say whom ever is hungry can go and eat. You bring it to the dining table, decorate it as beautifully as possible and serve with lot of love and care and that's what is called a happy healthy and wealthy family.

I believe Government also has to stop just doing a job and go that one step further and take care of people with more personal interest.

Why are people afraid when the size of something they managed increases tremendously. It should definitely be possible to pay attention to the nation one person at a time and that too in this highly connected world this actually should be a easy and fun process.

Simply listing down the citizens and helping everyone to get the most out of their capability should definitely not be a impossible process.

I think we should start doing this within TED to see how beneficial it is and as the world comes to know that a bunch of people at TED know the secret of how to get the most out of anything they will come searching for us and then it would be the time for us to help the world benefit.

I would like to start a activity where everyone can list down their capabilities and a board of seniors can guide them through their next course of action to achieve greater things in life and understand our real strength.

Please let me know how you can help in taking this process further.

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    Jul 21 2012: I love your vision of the world and I have only one question. Who is it that you envision doing all the prep and serving. Are you equally willing to do it?
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    Jul 18 2012: Adding to my point, the government in one way or the other owns us. its provides us citizenship which means i am in favor of various policies that are offered by the government and have to abide to them.

    Visualizing government as a non functional unit or a unit far from humans daily activities is a entirely different story. This conversation is intended to enhance the routine function of the government as a driving vehicle.

    The government should show personal interest in its citizens as they are its assets, not just providing appropriate public amenities. In such a highly digital world this should not be so complicated.

    Just to clarify the purpose of the conversation is to identify strategies which facilitate this not to discuss on whether we need government or not.
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    Jun 26 2012: ooops well i am not sure in which statement i was offensive, i tried to rewrite some statements, but i apologize if my statements had some negative sense as that was not my real intention.

    We are all doing everything that we think we can do, but sometimes getting some outside opinions can thrust us years forward, and getting some expert advice for our life is only going to push us forward.

    Apart form that as all citizens belong to the same species, they all deserve equal treatment and they will get it one person at a time, today the treatment that Jill is going to get the same treatment Jack is gonna get tomorrow and they are going to be decades ahead with such expertise counseling, Don't you think citizens will be more interested in that.
  • Jun 24 2012: I can easily understand the attraction of this approach, but it would probably be impossible to implement, at least in the USA.

    In the USA, we have the principle of equal treatment under the law. That principle makes it very difficult to treat citizens one person at a time. Individual treatment looks a lot like favoritism. Individual treatment would open the door for corruption and nepotism.

    If we could address people one at a time, it might improve efficiency. I read that there are over twenty government programs intended to help single mothers. I suspect that means a single mother has to fill out a separate application for each program, and each application is reviewed by a separate clerk.

    By the way, you might be more careful in your wording. Some people might be offended by your implication that they are not already achieving the value of their true worth (I am not offended myself).