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What will replace money after some decades?

Well there were times when there is nothing to buy and sell and ever living being on this earth is a proud owner of everything. Its we the notorious species who did this horrible thing of owning a part of nature and called it ours. But later we didn't have much to do with what we owned and wanted some parts those owned by others so we started exchanging items. Later we standardized it and created money and exchanged it in place of everything else.

I bet our great grand kids are going to find this concept of money absolutely horrible and replace it with SOMETHING else.

What do you think it would be?

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    Jun 22 2012: there will always be something that is expensive (needs a bunch of work). when food will be superabundant, medical supplies will be superabundant, clothing will be superabundant, then maybe spaceships will be scarce, and we will save money to buy a big space ship.

    so i think nothing will replace money as a concept. the form of it of course will be closer and closer to pure information, as opposed to being physical or linked to something physical.
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    Jul 21 2012: I sometimes wonder if money might not disappear if we can use the internet to get what we need in exchange for what we have to offer. On Star Trek it was called 'credits" and that might be the term I need here. No tanglible cash to have stolen or forged just supply and demand, demand and supply, loves labours no longer lost?
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    Jul 19 2012: Money or any other manner of "keeping score" would be unnecessary under the right conditions. A society of appropriate excess will supply both wants and needs. Wants are constrained by an equitable reality, while needs are simply just supplied. People would still work as needed, but the available pool of willing labor would greatly exceed labor requirements, and across all professions. Machines will do most of the drudgery. I believe this is the socialist endgame, the Republican nightmare. The last thing they will ever, ever do is stop keeping score.
  • Jul 12 2012: After enough decades, machines will be much smarter than humans. Then humans will be the machine's pets. Then we won't need money, any more than our pets do now.
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    Jul 7 2012: For years we worked on the bartering system. That gave way to the monatary system. There is talk every once in a while about a chit system. Where each person has a debit card that requires special entry (such a thumb print). Everything would go through the chit system as transfers in or out.

    Nothing is forever. Yep it will probally go away some day. If we continue the way we are going now money will have little value anyway and we may just return to the bartering system.

    All the best. Bob.
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    Jul 2 2012: Thanks for your replies.

    On a continuing note... As a concept there will always be something that will be transacted on return of something, but do you see any other means of interchange that would increase the flow of value and channelize the value of a nation or a economy in a more simple, smooth and faster way?
  • Jun 29 2012: Slavery, it already kinda does. People work 4 months without pay all around the country. This is called Federal Taxation...
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    Jun 25 2012: How about a fairer society via leveling the value of contributions of individuals? Check it out here:
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    Jun 24 2012: I think that maybe eventually in human history, we will run an elite based trading system were the governments trade excess resources for needed resources. This would be a good way to run the economy now days. It would make everything so much easier.