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How much more time should we devote to preventing global warming before we start thinking contingency plan?

Inspired by the 20th anniversary climate conference in Rio it occurs to me that in twenty years of talking nothing much has happened in the way of preventative measures regarding CO2 emissions and perhaps it's time to start thinking about coping with climate change as I can't see the next twenty years being much different to the last regarding global action. What action needs to be taken? Should we start moving people from low lying areas before it becomes necessary? Should we start thinking about where our farms are and where they might need to go?

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    Jul 5 2012: See Bjorn Lomberg's TED talk for a persuasive answer to your question.
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    Jul 5 2012: Please see Bjorn Lomberg's talk on TED for my answer to this question. His talk changed my perspective on the order in which our tasks should be tackled.
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    Jun 22 2012: When Sen. Kerry sells his seaside estate and moves closer to Al Gore's "sustainable" palace we should reduce global CO2 output. Until then I say lets leave the farms where the fertile soil, rainfall levels, proper climate, and experienced farmers are.
  • Jun 22 2012: Look as a species we have shown ourselves unable to even acknowledge this problem
    Certrainly not to work together or in a rational way. Everything will be individually or by small
    groups unless millions of people are on the move. Look at Iraq - three (3) million people are
    displaced What do we do - Let's not spend much money. If it's hard people avoid facing problems.