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Why is the price of attending a TED conference so high?

I live in Edinburgh and would love to attend the TED conference that is being held here from June 25th, except that the price of attendance is far outwith my reach.
So why is it that expensive? Seems to me to be very exlusive. Am i missing something here?

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    Jun 27 2012: Maybe because it is a for profit venture where an idealist leader (Chris) uses some of that money to give cutting edge talks by reknown experts to the world for free in the hope of creating a better world.
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    Jun 23 2012: It probably has to do with keeping the organization running all together. The speakers plain, Hotel, ect. are paid for them. There is also probably a fee for using the theaters that are used for the conference.
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    Jun 22 2012: Hi David, Have you explored TEDLive membership?
    • Jun 22 2012: The prices here are very high. You really did not directly address his question. Why?
    • Jun 22 2012: as the gent above said my question was not answered. I appreciate that i drew your attention but now think that you're trying to deviate from the point. Also the annual fee for the above membership that you link is still pretty expensive. I don't think you appreciate just what that means for some people. Not just here but for people all round the world who are a lot poorer than i am but who's ideas and minds are just as valuable.
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        Jun 22 2012: Rock on DAVID! I have limited funds also but mine are not as limited as some but I could never afford to attend. The situation is worse in certain economically challenged countries. Even to attend the teleconference is cost prohibitive to me so I am certain they are leaving out a lot of people.

        But I guess it's like anything else, if you can't afford the good seats, you wait until it gets to the second run theaters, But hey, I am kinda used to being marginalized.
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    Jun 22 2012: There is no price called High or Low.....that is only how a price is being thing matters whether something is "Value for Money" or not to segment targetted for.........

    I am more curious to know whom TED consider to be their Target Segment ?
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      Jun 22 2012: Of course there is. Maybe you do not have to decide whether or not to feed my family or attend a conference but I do.
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        Jun 22 2012: That "Of Course there is" again a perception........
        To me, feeding my family is the first priority so don't bother whether I can attend a conference or not that's the way I am are free to decide.
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        Jun 27 2012: Linda, I do not expect to attend but i sure love the benefit of "going to the concert" without the lines and the crowds in my pajamas!
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          Jun 27 2012: For me, it's kinda like the kid that is stuck inside with their nose pressed to the window, watching the other kids play outside.
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        Jun 27 2012: I know, I want to play too!
    • Jun 22 2012: Ok. So is it value for money? No. Precisely because it is so expensive. The value of TED (in my opinion) is to share ideas with people of all backgrounds. By excluding those who can't afford the prices then they are cheapening the value of TED. So are the costs "high"? High prices and a smaller pot of minds. You be the judge.
      Thanks for the reply.
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        Jun 23 2012: Hi David
        I also don't perceive it as value for my limited money goes to the priorities I have where that limited money brings more value.....
        Understand your "opinion" about the TARGET population .....but not sure whether that's the TARGET population TED looking for or not....thats why raised that point in my first post here....

        Thanks for opening up a good discussion.
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        Jun 27 2012: Well, I sure get value for the money i spend on TED which is precisely zero for world class talks and the most stimulating company i find anywhere. No, I cannot afford to hob knob with Bill Gates but why should I expect to? If the wealthy are willing to pay to be together I would rather criticize a place where no good is done in exchange and that does not describe the TED experience for me at all- are you not benefitting as I am?That is a sincere question.
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    Jun 22 2012: It's just like anything else. They charge what the market will stand.
    • Jun 22 2012: Another bitter truth. Any idea of what that money is put towards? I think it would sweeten the truth if the money was used to fund ideas. But still i think people with lower incomes should have the chance to attend such events.
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        Jun 22 2012: Yes, I'd love to attend, but alas my pocket can't afford it.