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The "Mingle" Cafe, where being a stranger is forbidden.

Mingle cafe. like any other cafe but with a focus on mingling (to network.( All seats are numbered and when an order is made at the counter a customer is given a ticket with a random number. They must then sit in that seat number, no matter who else may be at the table. Customers are discouraged from being strangers to each other.It would be an uncomfortable scenario at first having to sit with a complete stranger but with possibly great benefits. That stranger that you would not normally speak to, let alone choose to sit at the same table as they could be a future inspiration, business partner, client, or network contact or even a love interest. And it is all done in the safety of a public place whilst drinking the beautiful stimulant that is coffee, thus helping conversations and ideas to flow and relationships to develop.

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    Jun 22 2012: I really like the idea of this, David. I share Fritzie's sentiments on the wisdom of some basic ground rules for safety and respectful exchanges.

    I think having a change of seats perhaps every 15 minutes or so would also give a good out for people that really aren't natural allies. For folks that find this isn't enough time, then it seems a connection has been made that will likely lead them both to want to chat again perhaps at the end of a particular session, or at another time.

    I do think this might, in fact, thrive as a standalone café with this as it's only agenda if there's a commitment to embracing a variety of interest groups and niches. Perhaps each day could invite people around a particular theme. This would serve as a bit of a magnet to like minds where the folks who come out already have a common interest. I know if something like that existed in my community I would certainly be a client. It would be a fun way to push past my own comfort zone and not only meet new people but explore new ideas I might not otherwise have considered.

    I do think your idea has a lot of potential in existing venues as a natural attractor. Thanks for putting it out there, David.

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