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What type of feedback do you seek in your work and on your ideas and from whom do you seek it?

I find that people vary greatly in whether they like or seek feedback on their work and ideas. Some novice artists, for example, seek feedback on technique or composition from a mentor while others keep distant from any sort of input for fear of its stifling their originality and voice.

In conversation or discussion, some people like others to probe their thoughts and scrutinize their arguments critically, while others find such scrutiny too "academic" or heavy.

Some people seek and prefer feedback only from those with expertise in their field and others deliberately seek the popular view or a view from people from different interdisciplinary backgrounds or social contexts.

In what circumstances do you appreciate feedback, from whom, and of what type?


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  • Jun 25 2012: I would say that I like to receive constructive feedback when I want that. In other words for me when I do something I like to know what others think if I ask them specifically. Everybody knows that people like to correct others even when their opinion are not asked. In those type of cases I tend to ignore because I stay true to my own values.

    Another important thing I want to mention it is about who gives you feedback. Well depending on the type of tasks i am doing. Lets say that if I am working in a marketing department I would love to know what customers think about our campaigns. While if I am in a more technical field I would say that I like to hear the opinion of the more experienced people.

    I think we should try to filter the information as much as possible. So we do need to be flexible to the point to make correct adjustments to improve our performance, however not all opinions need to take into account because there are way to many people talking.
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      Jun 25 2012: Antonio, my reply to you landed above your post rather than below.

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