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Subtitles missing!

Where have the subtitles gone?
Up to last week I had the option of watching most of the Talks with subtitles.
Now that option seems to have been removed.
I can search for subtitled talks and filter using specific languages but but seem to be able to access them.
What's happened?
I'm profoundly deaf by the way.

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    Jul 21 2012: Hi Shaun,
    We launched a new video player, and now subtitles option is included in the video player itself ( You need to cover over the video for that option to appear)
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    Jun 21 2012: If you're looking at a very recent TEDtalk, it is entirely possible nobody will have translated in the language you're looking for yet.
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    Jul 20 2012: There are so many TEDx talks in particular which I would be passionate to see and learn from but which I cannot access due to my own language limitation. Could we not start with a language where there are many potential translators like Spanish and then maybe French. If you need to see the demand to justify it just tell me where to sign up!
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      Jul 21 2012: This might be another benefit of raw text transcripts; translation software has come far enough I believe to at least be as equally informative as it is humorous. The popular Google Translate seems to handle many languages with any one as either source or target. But I'd be the first to admit natural language is one of the more difficult programming challenges; I think Google tried to walk away from the whole business at one point. :)
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        Jul 21 2012: What a fantastic suggestioin. I would be willing to do this.
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          Jul 21 2012: I just got schooled, Debra:

          ///Ahmet Yükseltürk 500+ 2 hours ago: V Alexander transcripts of TEDTalks are available. Just click "Show transcripts" button which is located at the right bottom of the player.///

          You have to select all text, copy, paste to any editor. :)
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        Jul 21 2012: Thank you so much! There are two or three talks that I will try this with today! It is too hot to stay outdoors long today so I can even justify it! Thanks again, V. Alexander!
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    Jul 20 2012: I think TED should have transcripts available. I don't give a hoot for the videos; a jpg of the speaker would suffice for me. I would get a lot more value from raw text - none of this PDF garbage. Raw text can be easily manipulated by local tools to better serve the unique circumstances of any impairment.
  • Jun 21 2012: I'm aware that the talks take time to subtitle, but even in that case the drop down menu giving access to the subtitles would still be present. In the case of a Talk that hadn't been subtitled the drop down menu would be empty. What is missing is this drop down menu. Di I activate subtitles by another means now?