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Why have people (Atheists) Chosen not to believe in God? Does this give freedom to live life without becoming answerable to anyone?

Many people are atheists because of the way they were brought up or educated, or because they have simply adopted the beliefs of the culture in which they grew up. So someone raised in Communist China is likely to have no belief in God because the education system and culture make being an atheist the natural thing to do.

"Other people are atheists because they just feel that atheism is right." It is on this premise that i am asking this question.


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    Jun 22 2012: atheism is not a religion to adopt or inherit from your parents. and being an atheist doesn't gives you the freedom to live without becoming answerable to anyone. you are still bound by the responsibilities and obligations just like anyone. but, if you mean god by saying "anyone", the answer is no.

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