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The right to assisted suicide

Is it legally correct to allow this legal right to be imposed in the UK. Can a human being really take someone elses life LEGALLY and have no legal obligation to taking of ones life? regardless of circumstances I find it unbelievable that it is still even allowed to be contested in a court. I have a terminally ill sister who I would not help with assisted suicide, why? because I am a human being bound by the Human Rights Act and the laws of my country. I do not enjoy the sight or reading of peoples pain, the fact people live in such circumstances is deeply sad but Science itself is a fast paced and amazing field in which cures can be found, surely if someone legally helped in assisted suicide and two years later a cure was found what would be the mental harm that person would feel or expereince? who would foot the bill for their problems that would surely come from it?.

I'm not saying assisted suicide is bad, I'm not saying people should suffer but I enjoy the idea, feeling and future of life and believe that if science was given more time surely as the history books will show, a cure can and perhaps sooner then later may and will be found? Views and opinions please!.



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  • Jun 24 2012: This issue is very personal to me. I don't want to go into details, but I have had two family members who probably would have chosen assisted suicide if it was lawfully available. Making them suffer was egregiously inhumane.

    Stewart has the right idea. Lawful assisted suicide should be recognized as a human right, but there must be safeguards to distinguish lawful assisted suicide from murder. Also, there should be safeguards to assure that the family cannot interfere with the process.
    • Jun 25 2012: And if they can legally define that it is not murder also.

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