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What songs will we sing to our cities in the future? What will they sound like?

I am trying to gather and assemble a kind of future sonic map of as many cities of the world as possible. If you were to find a place of seclusion in your city or a site that you wish could quieten down, what sound would you make? How could your voice resonate and make peace with its built environment?


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    Jun 29 2012: I hope you'll share the results of your project when you finish it, Jason. People generally associate silence in cities with eeriness... and the same is true for natural settings, isn't it?

    If the solution to our many transportation problems eliminates motor vehicles, what will be the soundscape of the city? Probably not birdsong and wind through tree branches. I'm trying to imagine what rush hour around Grand Central would sound like without the engines, the honking, the sirens.... difficult for me to separate it all out. :)
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      Jul 18 2012: I guess it's about finding those small spaces, hidden locations where quiet (not silence) might be. And one can always experience 'quiet' of the mind amongst noise and people too.

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