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What songs will we sing to our cities in the future? What will they sound like?

I am trying to gather and assemble a kind of future sonic map of as many cities of the world as possible. If you were to find a place of seclusion in your city or a site that you wish could quieten down, what sound would you make? How could your voice resonate and make peace with its built environment?


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    Jun 24 2012: Practicing onomatopoeia is also good training as you say - ruff ruff, caw caw, oink oink. Funny how generally animals always seem to have this doubling thing going on. Perhaps they are on a constant delay setting? Or they like their action words repeated.
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      Jun 29 2012: I think the doubling effect is a human accent on other "specieal" languages, or something people generally fabricated.

      I always wonder, what do humans sound like to each species of animals?

      Do we sound anything like other primates to other animals?

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