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What songs will we sing to our cities in the future? What will they sound like?

I am trying to gather and assemble a kind of future sonic map of as many cities of the world as possible. If you were to find a place of seclusion in your city or a site that you wish could quieten down, what sound would you make? How could your voice resonate and make peace with its built environment?


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    Jun 23 2012: I suppose I am really interested in how we can generate counter sounds to the noises around us. The singer Lisa Gerrard talks of singing with the sound of cars under bridges and how the pure voice against the drone of machines can somehow soften that. If you were to stand and hum almost inaudibly but constantly in the middle of a busy mall would it begin to lessen the surrounding noise or would it just create new meaning for that space, just for you.
    • Jun 23 2012: If I was not going to quite a place down and replace it with sound information like music or a single person speaking, I would not change a thing. I love the white noise of my city. For me, it represents peoples lives and the choices they constantly make; to just sit down and listen while thinking about that is beautiful to me. I think if I were to just stand a hum it would just be a representation of me as a part of the whole.

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