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Everyone needs a luck or not....

I heard many times people say "he is lucky"... "this time my luck doesn't work" etc.... Do you really feel that these are the sensible statements???

  • Jun 24 2012: believing in luck is dependent upon what has transpired in your life. People who have been more fortunate don't believe they were lucky. People who have been less fortunate believe they were unlucky. What is true?
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      Jul 4 2012: I am convinced that luck is a supersticious thought and yet I sure need some and i am ridiculously pleased when i have it.
  • Jun 22 2012: We need a reason or logic behind the coincidence or similar unexpected situation , when we don't find one we term as luck.
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    Jun 21 2012: I think some people are a little more fortunate to be at the right place at the right time call it luck or fate. They just seam to have things a little let's say better than some.
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    Jun 20 2012: Luck is balanced on effort. You can tilt it one way, you can tilt it another, you will get different results depending on which way you tilt it. In other words,You make your own luck.
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    Jun 24 2012: When things really go your way and you didn't expect it to - that is 'luck'. The question is, are you then going to depend on 'luck' each time? For me the answer is a simple no - I have been given an opportunity by the universe and now it is my turn to do my share. It's good to feel optimistic about 'luck' but it is only half the story.
  • Jun 23 2012: we can never decide if luck exists or not, the only thing we can do is to be happy with what we have
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    Jun 21 2012: Yep I believe in luck. The harder you work the luckier you get.

    All the best. Bob
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      Jun 26 2012: but sometimes only luck can give you all you want...
  • Jun 20 2012: Luck is a concept of not knowing and is an easy explanation. There is no such thing as luck. We don't need luck; we need sincere endeavor and good planning. Be ready for things to go wrong or for failure-----if the time isn't right or circumstances do not allow a successful plan. Bad luck? No. Circumstance.