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What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?

Do share your response to this intriguing question...

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  • Jul 1 2012: I found it interesting!

    Make a special study group :) ...which is totally different from any other colleges or organizations.

    ..which has no intention to be religious nor political.

    We wouldn't need to worry about being employed or getting good grades.
    We would study for the world and ourselves.
    We would fight againt injustice.
    But we would also cherish the value of childlike innocence.

    Without professors, we could share, create and organize our ideas.

    Studying without specific directions with the people who have passion and compassion would be really something!

    We could publish a bunch of books.

    Yes..we could also be TED speakers :)

    Besides, we would always try to be impartial and unprejudiced toward the world.

    lol love this question!
    Even though I'm being a bit utopian.
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      Jul 1 2012: i think you are an idealist.
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        Jul 1 2012: No, he isn't! He knew he could not fail! :o)
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        Jul 2 2012: I have to correct my comment!

        No, SHE isn't! SHE knew SHE could not fail!

        Elisabeth, I beg your pardon! Somehow I got your gender mixed up.
        • Jul 2 2012: Oh, come on~! Do I really look like a boy?



          That's quite alright
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      Jul 2 2012: No you don't!

      Alas! Now how to get out of this one ...?

      Let's say that it did not really help to look at Dave Lim's picture, while 'fighting' in your honor!

      And by the fact that any knight will assure you, that 'fighting' in the honor of a lady is always more pleasant,
      I am quite happy you finally turned out to be one! And also forgiving! You've got my swort! :o)
      • Jul 2 2012: Oh, it's an honor to be the ONE.
        Yes, I forgive you. lol

        You're a funny man! lol

        Good to know you :)

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